Once Upon a Time There Was an Irresponsible Idiot

The cutest kitten picture EVER! Oreo on day #2. I thought putting her in a plant outside at work would help her poop. Not happening.

Once upon a time there was a chubby, somewhat intelligent girl.  The girl considered herself to be a compassionate animal person who cared about and loved animals of all kinds and worried about their welfare.  One day, the girl had the sudden thought that she should buy her 5 month old kitten a collar.  The idiotic girl chose not to because the kitty was so little and was kept inside at all times.  She thought it could wait.

2 days later the girl received a call from her oldest son.  Her son told her that someone had got into the house and all of the doors to the house were open and the precious kitty was gone.  The dumb girl left work, ran to her car and sped home with tears streaming her face.  An hour after it was first known that the kitty was gone, the precocious furball was found and returned to her place in the home of her irresponsible pet owner.

The moral of this story… even the best of us make stupid mistakes.  Just because your pet is kept inside at all times, it doesn’t mean that the unexpected won’t happen and they will get outside in the cruel world.  Just because you consider yourself smarter than most when it comes to animal rearing, because you spay and neuter your pets and because you are made of awesomeness, it does NOT stop life from happening.  Shit happens (more often to me).  Stop procrastinating and making excuses about why you don’t need to do something and convince yourself of why you do.

I’m sorry, Oreo.  I’m sorry you got outside and were scared to death, I’m sorry I was irresponsible, I’m sorry that daddy took the bell off of your new hot pink collar and I am REALLY sorry that I can’t stop laughing at you when you look like you have Tourette’s because you are trying so hard to get the collar and tag off.  I am also sorry that I got completely pissed off that the new collar wouldn’t stay on and I super-glued it together but got a wad of your hair glued in it.  Don’t guess you will be getting it off now, Houdini.

Man, I wish she was as innocent as she looks in this picture. I should have known when I bottle fed her and she attacked the bottle that she was going to be hell on legs.

Bowser and Oreo early on. Look how little she was!

Bowser and Oreo hanging out on Bowser's couch. Yes, he has his own couch.


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