R.E.S.P.E.C.T.- What it means to Kansas City

I sat awake until 3 am for no exciting reason but for the simple fact that my brain wouldn’t shut down.  It wasn’t because I had a crappy day or because I had explosive diarrhea, it was because of something completely out of my control that didn’t even really concern me.  At least, not at this particular moment.  But in the end when it all comes back around, it will effect something that I care about very much.  Kansas City’s homeless pets.

For the past few months I have watched the banter among former friends and lasting enemies.  People have spewed hatred at one another and they have continued to place blame everywhere but where it belongs.  The situation that we are involved in is not one person’s fault.  We are ALL responsible and we can ALL try and fix that but damnit, we have to at least be civil to each other.  This crap is way out of hand and I am starting to get embarrassed for everyone involved.  Do you know how bad things have to be for ME to feel embarrassed?  I am the world’s biggest child when it comes to almost everything.  I say inappropriate things, I laugh uncontrollably at farts, I play practical jokes and I can’t hear the word penis without smirking.  I jump on the bed, I chase my dog through the house, I trained my kitten to attack using a common hand signal and my children have nicknames such as “Turtle Man”, “Pooper” and “Turdburglar”.  If you were to look up “childlike behavior” on Wikapedia there most certainly should be a picture of me picking my nose and wiping it under my car seat.  I take things too far but I would never turn myself into someone that would try and publicly humiliate someone by claiming to know more about a situation than I do, by airing one’s personal and private trials and tribulations or by trying to make people choose sides in an argument that shouldn’t even be happening.  Is this why we all have Facebook?  So we can treat each other like shit?  So we can try and pick apart each other like vultures and make the other vultures circle in hunger?  So we can point and laugh at the slow kid that just doesn’t get it?  Or how about we throw virtual spitwads at the kid that doesn’t fit in with us because we are way too cool.

This is bullying people!  Grade school, high school bullying.  Grow the hell up.  We are on the same side, essentially.  We want the world to be a better place and we want less animals to overpopulate and roam our cities.  We want pets to have homes and love and we are all trying to do what we think is the right thing.  What I think is good for the situation may not be what you feel is best but I am entitled to an opinion and I should be allowed to voice it.  I am not asking you to agree with me but I do hope that you would respect me and not treat me like crap because of my feelings.  I shouldn’t live in fear because of you and I shouldn’t become afraid to be just what we are all supposed to be, an individual.

Everyone should drink a huge glass of “Shut the Hell Up” and get over yourself.  My 5 and 6 year old sons know that you lead by example and always remember to “Be respectful, be responsible and do your personal best.”.  They also know that if they are in trouble and I am yelling at them, it’s best to squeeze out a toot or say “wiener” and I won’t be able to stay mad.  So, if you see me posting “wiener” on Facebook, you’ll know why.

This is a time for us to pull together and focus on individual and group strengths and weaknesses, utilize our strengths and do not prey on the weakness of others.  Where one is weak there are those that are strong, we just need to refocus all of this negative energy into the positive that we each have in us.  Together, we can all save so many lives.  We really can, I just know it.


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  1. Samantha Gooch

    Well said Miss Darath! I agree that the real goal is being lost in all the arguing! We all preach to be here for the animals, and it is time to practice what we preach! Hopefully, everyone can take a step back and a deep breath!!!

  2. EXACTLY!!! You are so right, i hope people start seeing that we can do so much more together & we need to stop wasting time & energy on putting someone else down

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