I Do It Because You Say That I Can’t

I tell you that I want to rescue animals…  You tell me that I am crazy.

I smile and tell you that we are all a little crazy…  You tell me that I have went off the deep end.

I say that I want to make a difference…  You say, “It’s such a waste of time.”

I try and remind you of how pets suffer at our hands…  You remind me that most people don’t care.

I convince myself that there are enough of us out there that do…  You make a point of proving that they don’t.

I awake each morning, dead set on proving you wrong…  You awake smug, thinking it can’t be done.

I’m almost late to work and I’m never pulled together…  You have time to stop for Starbucks and a paper.

My first task of the morning is seeing what dog’s we lost to a never-ending sleep…  You spend your morning catching up on the office gossip.

I spend my lunch break sitting at my desk while I frantically post “Critical” and “Urgent” pets, filling my keyboard with crumbs of the vending machine sandwich I grabbed in a hurry…  You spend lunch at a nice restaurant, laughing and having a great time.

I rush out the door and hurry home to my computer… while you pop in at the local bar for happy hour.

I’m lazy and eat out often because I have no time to cook…  You hit the gym and have a home cooked meal.

I guiltily speak to my kids over the top of my computer…  You recount tails of your trip to Disney World with your family.

When you ask my kids what they are going to be when they grow up, they tell you, “an Animal Rescuer like my mommy”…  I don’t bother and ask you because I know your kid will be a doctor.

As I lay my head on my pillow each night, I have visions of pets cloud my mind…  You just smile smugly and envision me, wasting my life.

A single tear falls to my pillow and the cycle all starts again.  You see that single tear as weakness, but you’re wrong.  That tear is strength, it is courage and it is the regeneration of hope that one day I will prove you wrong.  Why you ask?  Because you say that I can’t.


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