Charity Roulette

If you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen a post yesterday evening where I asked, “If you were to give money or donate time to a cause, what would that charity or cause be? And, GO!!! (a cause besides my boob job fund)”.  This wasn’t another one of my pointless Facebook ramblings, there is actually a very important purpose to the question.

Every year on my birthday, I try to do something for someone or something else.  It’s weird, I know.  The day is supposed to be all about me.  I guess that I feel like my purpose is that I was put here for a reason and what better day to do what I can to help others than on the day I was born.  What’s the point in celebrating the fact that I came screaming out of a vagina?  We all do.

This year, I wanted to make things more fun and exciting and I’ve been thinking of a way to get my friends more involved.  Last year, quite a few friends helped me celebrate my birthday by volunteering or donating items or money to the Kansas City Animal Shelter.  This year, I want every single person in my life to help me celebrate my birthday and our friendship.  How is that going to happen?  Well, here goes!

It’s hard for me to narrow down what charity or cause is most important to me because there are so many that I care about.  So, I am taking that responsibility out of my own hands and I am throwing it into the hands of fate and my friends.  This year, I have decided to form my own event for charity.  I’m sure you want to know, “What charity?”.  Here’s the kicker…

Charity Roulette!

On a date to be determined very soon,  I will have my birthday party.  At that party, we will have Poker and Bingo.  For every entry into Poker and every Bingo card bought, you will be given a raffle ticket and you will be asked to write the name of your favorite charity or cause on the back of it.  You will then take the ticket and place it into a bucket and at the very end of the night, one charity will be chosen and they will receive EVERY cent collected.  This charity will be drawn blind from the bucket.  For every dollar donated, you earn a “vote” for the organization of your choice.  So, if you really care about something… the more money you donate, the more chances you have of your charity winning!  Just to clarify, said charity or organization MUST be verified to be legitimate and I do reserve the right to verify before the money is actually donated.  The drawing will be held in a public place with numerous people in attendance so everything is accounted for.  I will have someone else handle the money, etc.  I will also have a ChipIn page set up soon where you can begin making donations.  You can also track the progress on this blog.

The day of the event, there will be an entry/door fee.  The “fee” will be that you have to bring at least one item off of a list that I will also post shortly.  I plan on collecting for animal shelters and homeless shelters so you may be asked to bring bleach, paper towels, gently used clothes, etc.

Yes, this is going to be a huge undertaking and could turn out to be a disaster but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Like an old man with Viagra, I go hard.

Love, Peace & Chicken Grease,



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  1. I am SO glad I’m not alone with this! On my birthday last month, I told my other half to donate to Heartland SPCA. I left the amount up to him but I told him I seriously didn’t want or need anything else. Some people thought I was crazy, but the thank-you card I got a few days after my birthday that was signed “Love Buddy, Frankie, and Ami” (our three feline babies) was worth more than anything else he could have done for me!

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