My Guy

My guy is the love of my life.  He sticks by me through all of life’s chaos.  Win or lose, he is always standing beside me and making me stronger because he is near.  He’s not judgmental and he accepts me and my mistakes.  He is truly, my very best friend.

My guy had a rough beginning to his life but by looking at him or talking to him, you wouldn’t know it.  He always seems happy and he never lets you know that he could care less about what you are talking about.  I’m not really sure how he feels about some conversations we have but he leads me to believe that he is interested in my story and he really cares.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes he annoys the piss out of me.  He’s messy and he leaves his shit laying all over the place.  I am constantly tripping over something of his that he has managed to leave strewn about the house.  It drives me completely insane when he throws the pillows off the couch and then proceeds to claim the biggest of the couches and leave the loveseat for me.  At times, he is inconsiderate as hell.  The most inconsiderate thing is when we are cuddling and he smothers me with butt smoke.  I could kill him at that moment.

I worry every time he goes out and I wonder if he will find someone new that will make him happier.  I am constantly checking up on him and bugging him any time he leaves the house.  Jealous?  Yes, I probably am.  Scared?  For sure.  I fear for the day that he leaves and slips off the one form of identification that tells the world that he’s “taken”.  He has strayed away from me before and it was the worst time I’ve ever had.  My life was full of loneliness and despair and I knew that if I didn’t have him, nothing would ever be the same.  Thankfully, he came back to me.

I get annoyed when we are out and I see him looking at girls.  It hurts me to think that I ruined his chances with someone that could momentarily make him happy.  I look at him and wish he didn’t feel a sense of longing but I guess every guy feels it.

He loves cats, which is totally weird.  I’ve tried to get him to like dogs but he gets very angry and shows and tells me just how much he despises them.  I guess I should be happy that he likes the cat.  They make a weird pair, though.  Seeing him loving on her seems so strange.

My guy has been with me a long time, longer than any other guy.  11 1/2 years to be exact.  He’s helped me raise all 3 of my kids and I couldn’t be happier to have such a positive thing in their life.  He shows them so much love and affection and he’s always there for them when they need him.  He’s caught so many tears and heard so many stories.

My guy is THE guy.  My guy, is a beautiful mutt that was made just for me.


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