The Craigslist Christmas Wish

It all started simply enough… one of my friends and fellow animal rescue angels spotted a post on Craigslist.  That post said:

“I just broke up with my girlfriend and moved out. I have to stay in a hotel for a little while until I get back on my feet. I have a sheltie who I adopted from Wayside waifs six years ago, she is my very best friend. The hotel does not allow pets and I would live under a bridge before I would let her go. She is about 12 years old she is very very sweet. I have to find someone by tomorrow. I dont have a lot of money so I cant pay for someone to watch her. I am looking for someone who loves dogs and would treat her good and who would watch her for me for maybe a month or so. Alot of bad luck has come my way right before the holiday season and I am just looking for someone who might be able to help me and my dog out. Oh I forgot to tell you that she is 100% house broken, doesnt bark much and lays around alot she is really sweet and really easy.”

My friend Melissa shared the link to this story in our Facebook group and everyone immediately took to her owner’s plight.  Just one day prior, we were all down in the dumps and so very frustrated over how people desert their animals and then, it’s like God heard our anger and frustration and he wanted to remind us of the good that still remains in human kind.  And just maybe, we were about to learn one of the biggest lessons we ever could.

I received a text from Melissa this morning and she told me that the guy said that he would get his dog today and that he would immediately need somewhere for her to go because she couldn’t stay at the motel.  The dog had been staying at his ex-girlfriends mothers house.  Melissa didn’t have a way to pick up the dog today, so I went in her place.  I didn’t have anyone to go with me so in the back of my mind I was thinking about what could happen.  I guess I was just thinking of all the bad things that happen because of people.  They have disappointed me so many times, I can’t keep track.  I called the owner (who for the sake of his pride, I will call “John”) and verified that I was getting her and that he would meet me outside.  He seemed nice enough on the phone and Melissa said he had sounded really sweet and genuine with her so I was a little more at ease.

45 minutes after I left Pleasant Valley, I pulled my car into an empty parking spot in front of a man holding a dog outside.  As I got out of my car and I approached, the dog immediately tried to jump in my arms.  I introduced myself and the man said that he wasn’t “John”, he was just the maintenance guy who promised to wait with the dog until “John” got back.  “John” had caught a ride with someone to Wal-Mart and he’d be back soon.  I asked the man if he knew the dogs owner and he said that he did and that the guy lived in the motel and helped out when they had things for him to do.  The maintenance guy said that “John” was a very good man who just fell on hard times.  Within a few moments, a car pulled up next to mine and a nice looking young man climbed out.  As he got out of the car, I saw the dogs reaction and she immediately perked up and ran to him and launched herself into his waiting arms.  My heart skips a beat as I watch a great love story unfold.  The man walks up to me with her in his arms and extends his hand.  A nice firm handshake tells me that he’s confident and strong and that I like him even more.

I make small-talk and try to ensure that “John” trusts me to take care of his precious love.  I ask him his story and he tells me that he was divorced back in 2006 and how his wife was always irresponsible with pets and acted like they were fixtures that could easily be discarded, exchanged and replaced.  He said that he would get so upset about it and how she still did it to this day.  I heard how he was an EMT for many, many years and then when the city took over, he hated the politics of it all, so he left.  He told me of how he branched out and got his own business like he had always dreamed.  He bought a food cart and worked hard at it and then, the economy got to him and business went south.  Eventually, he lost everything.  “John” met a girl and found a job and life seemed to be working out and getting better.  Then, the girlfriend got back with her ex, “John” lost his job (which he had got because of her) and on top of all of that, the engine blows up in his old car.  Since “John” was now basically homeless and without a job or income, he scrapped the car for money and he moved into a motel.  Sadly, he couldn’t afford to take his dog, “Sweet Pea” with him so she stayed with his ex’s mom.

During our 30 minute conversation, John would break the conversation and look away so he could talk to “Sweet Pea” or  so he could gently stroke her hair.  I would hear, “I love you, girl” or “Who’s a good girl”.  “John” would tell me how people have disappointed him in his life and how “Sweet Pea” was always the one constant, the one thing that would always love him.  I would see tears in his eyes as he would look at her and he would say, “No matter how bad your day is, how could you walk in and see her and not feel happy.”  He told me how “Sweet Pea” was his very best friend and how she means more to him than anything else in the world.  He spoke of his own pride and how he did not want “hand-outs” or help from anyone.  I reminded him that even the best of us have to ask for or accept help every once in a while.  He would look down and seem ashamed and go back to thanking me and telling me how Melissa and I restored his faith in people.  “John” looked over at me and told me that he knows she will be safe with me and then he handed her leash to me, with tears welling in his eyes.  He extended his hand and thanks me and I tell him that I promise to keep her safe.  “John” leans down and carefully takes “Sweet Pea’s” head in both of his hands and he looks down into her eyes and whispers promises of his undying love and how they will only be apart for a short time.  He cries and tells her how he will miss her and how he will work so hard to have her back home with him.  Things are said to her that I can’t understand because his voice is muffled in her long fur.  He pets her one last time and fills her ears with words of devotion and love and then he stood back up and looked at me.  I tried to hide my own tears as I again promised him that I would take really good care of her and that there is a huge group of people ready to help her.  He steps forward and wraps me in his arms and I feel a tear brush my face.  Whether it was his or that of my own, I really don’t know.

I walked over to the driver’s side of my car and opened up the door and in she went, with no hesitation.  He smiled and said that she trusted me as much as he did.  He stood there on the sidewalk in front of the motel and he watched silently while I loaded her up and get her all situated.  She walked to the passenger window and looked out, right at him, and he instantly smiled and waved to her.  I told “John” good-bye and I got in the car.  I expected “John” to walk away but instead, he stood there watching every move “Sweet Pea” made.  I stuck the car in reverse and looked behind me to back up and when I turned around, he was still there waving to me.  As I drove away, “John” was still watching and waving.  “Sweet Pea” curled into a ball in my back seat and as I pulled on to the highway and drove in front of the motel, I saw “John” still standing where I left him and I am sure that there were tears now streaming freely down his face.  The thing was, I had tears of my own.

This man and his love of his dog restored any doubts I ever had about people or about me doing rescue.  Him and his sweet old girl restored my own compassion and commitment to the animals AND the people of the world.

“Sweet Pea” is curled up at my feet, soundly sleeping and dreaming of the day that she will again be with the love of her life.  I sit here and look at her and I want to whisper in to her ear that I will make a Christmas miracle come true.  Already, I am making promises to myself and to her, that I will do everything in my power to help her get back to him fast.

If you are as touched by this story as I am and you would like to help, I am going to rally to save “John” this Christmas.  How can you help?  “John” needs a vehicle, a new job and a place that he can stay where “Sweet Pea” can be with him.  He’s eager to do any work at this point.  He is a trained EMT and also knows how to cook!  Currently, he is staying at a motel outside of Grandview but he doesn’t know how long that will last if he can’t get a job.  He has no criminal background (I checked) and a good driving record and even has his commercial drivers license.  I would like to help cover “John’s” motel stay, help with food and more importantly, I want to get “Sweet Pea” back to him.  The motel will let pets stay but they charge $10 a night.  To me, that $10 is totally worth it just to see the two of them back together.  If you would like to offer any help, you can post a comment on this blog or you can email me at  A ChipIn account has also been set up and you can visit it at to make a donation securely via your PayPal account .  Please help me get “Sweet Pea” and “John” back together for Christmas.  Miracles do happen, I just know it.

“Sweet Pea” at her dad’s


It’s been less than 24 hours since I wrote this blog and the response has been astounding!  We are well on our way of making this a great Christmas for “John” and Sweet Pea.  I just wanted to tell everyone that Sweet Pea is everything her name says!  She has been a dream to watch after!  She is so precious and loving, her dad raised her right!

“John” has been set up with a job and he starts tomorrow at 7am!  Thanks to a very great best friend, John will be working with animals every day!  We are still working on the transportation thing so any donations are great!  I also will take gift cards to help cover food and other items for them.

I am grateful and honored to have you all in this world.  There are so many angels out there, it’s amazing!  My hope is that before the end of the day, I have Sweet Pea back with her daddy!  Fingers crossed.



Sweet Pea getting settled in last night!


Evening all!  It’s 6:35 here in Missouri and I must say, I was completely flabbergasted at the response to this.  When I thought about getting John’s story out, I never knew just how far it would go.  My email, phone and Facebook have been inundated with thoughts, prayers, donations and best of all… faith.  When I decided to force help on him, I really didn’t know that I could accomplish it.  I never could have imagined that within 24 hours, I would have received thousands and thousands of emails.  Yesterday when I drove home with Sweet Pea, I knew “John” had restored my faith.  I sure as hell wasn’t expecting what would come later.  I have a sense of pride and faith that I never thought was possible.  To all of you, across the world, thank you.  I could never show you just how much all of this means to me.

Today, I paid up John’s motel room and him and Sweet Pea are covered until next Sunday.  I didn’t pay any more because John seemed like the motel is very hesitant in letting Sweet Pea stay with him.  Apparently, the $10 a day pet charge is meant more as a deterrent rather than a convenience for pet owners.  I would rather hold on to the money in case we need to move John to another place.  So, for this week, he has no worries about a place to stay.  The funny thing about all of this is that John wasn’t going to tell me that he couldn’t pay the motel fee tonight and that he would be out on the street.  It wasn’t until I told him what I was doing that he informed me.

This afternoon, I drove up to Pet Smart and I picked up some dog food, some toys, a new leash and I made an ID tag for Sweet Pea.  She is so very important and the hero of this story, so I had to ensure she was safe.  I am sure that I will be sneaking her in for a microchip at some point.

I know you are all waiting to hear what happened and here it is….

At 3:00 today, I pulled back into that motel parking lot that I had just seen yesterday.  My passenger was a mess and it was like she knew what was going on.  All day she had been so excited and happy.  I guess she knew what was going to happen before it actually did.  I sent John a text and within minutes he was coming out the door.  Within seconds of her eyes spotting her daddy, she leaped from the back seat and was on top of me trying to get out.  I grabbed her leash and opened the door and that tiny little pooch pulled me across the parking lot as I tried to keep pace.  Like she did the first day I met her, she launched herself into John’s arms.  The smile on his face was priceless, the love at that moment was impossible to miss.

I unloaded all of her things and I opened up my trunk and pulled out a wire crate.  He looked amazed and in awe.  I asked John if he knew how to set it up and he confirmed as much.  Each time I showed him something new for her, he would just shake his head, completely speechless.  After I had showed him the last thing, he handed me something.  What may seem insignificant by most standards, was pretty touching to me.  John said, “You sounded terrible on the phone and I am really worried about you.”  His hand came towards me and he gave me a little orange package.  The EMT was caring for his patient!  “Here, take this Emergen-C and you should feel better.”  Really?  In all of this, he thought of me?  Granted, I am sure he couldn’t miss my death rattle and Phyllis Diller voice but for him, in his time of need, to think of me… I was so touched.

Again, we made “small talk” and John asked me how long I had been sick.  I explained to him that I have a weak immune system and some health issues and then he told me that many years ago, he had cancer!  He said that they caught it early and it was removed and never came back.  He never had a day of radiation or anything.  This guy is a superstar!

I walked John and the bouncing Sweet Pea up to their room and once there, I sat down the crate and other things I had carried.  John told me how much all of this meant to him and how he will always remember it and will someday do something amazing for someone like him.  He looked down at Sweet Pea and shook his head saying that she would never understand just how she pulled a world together and made a miracle happen.  She would never know that she saved his life.

I left their 2nd story motel room and I walked out to my car feeling better than I have felt in a very long time.  Before I was even on the highway, I had a text from John telling me how much we all mean to him and how he wanted me to tell everyone “thank you” and how he could never express with words how much this all has done for him.

Tomorrow at 7 am, John & Sweet Pea start their first day of work.  I am excited to see how it goes and I will update everyone as soon as I hear from them.  John is also checking in to the story of a car for sale for $300 that the maintenance guy at the motel told him about.  It’s said to be in really good shape and well taken care of.

In closing, I want to reiterate that I am no hero, no angel and no superstar.  I am simply a person, just like the rest of you.  Like I said before, the real hero in all of this is Sweet Pea, the former shelter dog that wasn’t meant to be.  Sweet Pea fought neglect, abuse and a very severe case of heartworms before she came to know the love of John.  I really can’t think of two souls that are more meant for each other.

Thank you to all of you.  Especially to Melissa for sharing this story with me and for starting this story.  Without her, none of this would have happened.  I love you, girl!


12/11/11 9pm Central

The ChipIn has reached $2,000.  I am temporarily placing it on “hold” and not asking for additional funds at this time.  We will still collect gift cards or donations of money and items via mail.  If you are interested in helping, please email me at and I will provide you with an address.  We are also still looking for a better housing scenario.  If you are in or around Kansas City and may know of something affordable, please contact me.  John still needs a car, too!  If you see or hear of any, send word!


12/12/11 5:40 pm Central

They say life is a roller coaster and we have to experience the lows to really get a thrill out of the highs.  Have I mentioned how much I despise the lows?  Today “John” was told by management at the motel that Sweet Pea would not be welcome there past tomorrow morning.  Really?  They were both paid up for the week and it’s supposed to be an establishment that accepts pets, what the heck?  Regardless, tomorrow Sweet Pea will be back with us.  Melissa already made arrangements to pick her up from “John’s” work tomorrow afternoon.  This is not what I wanted to happen and it completely breaks my heart.  Our victory was short-lived before a new battle begun.

So, we are almost back to square one.  “John” does have a job (golf clap) so we have done something right.  We are frantically looking for a vehicle and an apartment that is reasonable (aka cheap) so Sweet Pea can be back with her daddy.  Please continue to keep the two of them in your thoughts and prayers.  We need all the good ju-ju we can get!

I spoke with John a little while ago and we talked about how all of this has affected both of us.  The response has been great and we are so thankful for each and every one of you.  I heard today that my blog was discussed on a morning radio show in Florida and that the blog reached as high as #11 today in the world.  That’s just crazy!  I’ve been trying to handle the media inquiries on my own and tonight, I sucked it up and talked to “John” about it.  We are really thinking all of this through and maybe if the story is still as popular in a few days, we may release it.  I’ve been emailed numerous times and asked to do interviews and for “John” to show his real identity.  Please be patient with us because we were not ready for this at all.  I basically “good-will raped” the poor guy and I think his head is still spinning and I know for sure that mine is.

In closing for the night, I leave you with a picture that I received from “John” today.  It says everything that he couldn’t tell you with words.

She’s an amazing artist!


12/13/11 5:00 pm Central

Things are finally starting to calm down around here!  While I am still handling media requests, the thousands of emails a day have slowed considerably to a pace that I can fake manage better!  It’s funny that I have been writing for my entire life and I’ve had articles published but I have never received the attention that I have from this particular blog post.  I am so thankful to each and every one of you.  A great story has been shared and people have been moved to feel a good emotion this Christmas.  I am so honored to be but a little piece in the big puzzle.

I just got off the phone with “John” and he had a good day at work, although it was a very soggy one!  We’ve had rain in our area all day and when you are outside a lot, it’s not too fun.  Of course, he didn’t bother to tell me BEFORE hand that he didn’t really have a good coat to work in or boots necessary so I am taking care of that tonight.  Today was “John’s” first day of work because yesterday he had some things come up at the motel that he had to take care of.  He had been working with them and helping clean some rooms in exchange for boarding help and he wanted to make sure that he followed through with his commitment.  One hell of a guy!  Anyway, my friend Sam picked him and Sweet Pea up this morning and took them in to work.  The plans AGAIN changed when it comes to Sweet Pea.  My BFF Sam decided to step up and offer even more help.  Sweet Pea will stay in Doggie Daycare at the kennel where John is working so during the day, she can be with her dad.  After this weekend, Sweet Pea will start going home and back and forth with Sam so she can still see her dad all day each day.  While ideally, I would love to have them inseparable, I know that every moment they can have together is precious.  They had a good day and my pal Sam said that “John” was great to work with and did a really good job.  Even better, he seemed to enjoy his work which is really a priceless thing.

We are still looking for a permanent housing situation and I was able to talk in more detail tonight with “John” about it.  He said that he can’t have any roommates because of his teenage daughter and the fact that when she stays with him on the weekends, he wants to know she is safe.  Commendable and responsible.  It’s been tough to find a place in Grandview that allows pets, is in a good neighborhood, had no roommates and is reasonably priced.  It’s a work in progress!

Still looking for a car, too.  I took some advice from one of my readers and I contacted an organization called Cars 4 Christmas and I submitted an application.  Maybe if we cross our fingers hard enough, we could get lucky!  I sure hope!

“John” is in good spirits and completely humbled by all of this.  He wants me to make sure that I tell each and every one of you how much this all means to him and how he will pay it forward to other people and animals.  In fact, he’s already been offering help and providing ideas on how to help the rescues in this area!

I am going to end the update for tonight with a public announcement that I am going to go and take the Emergen-C that he gave me a couple of days ago.  I got a stern talking to tonight because I sound horrible and I still haven’t tried it.  I’m doing it now!




12/19/11 @ 12:20 pm Central

What a few weeks this has been!  I know you are all curious as to what has been happening with “John” and Sweet Pea and I am so sorry that I haven’t updated sooner.  I’ve had some health issues and have really been struggling with daily functions.

Work is going great for “John” and he loves it.  Sweet Pea is currently staying at his work in the Doggie Daycare section since the motel refused to let her stay there.  I think he really enjoys the fact that his dog gets to be with him all day and she’s been having a lot of fun having other pooches to play with.  “John” said that he loves the job so much that he wants it to remain his primary job and he would like to find another job to help sustain his income.  He really feels like he is giving back to the animals and that is a great feeling.

Since “John’s” paid hotel was up yesterday, we went ahead and paid one more night.  Knock on wood, but I think we have found a place for him!  He would have a roommate (which is a girl so it’s acceptable for his ex-wife) and she works with him!  They could share rides together!  Since we think the roommate situation will work out, we plan to use the rest of the money on a car that “John” found.  Hopefully, we will have enough to cover taxes and title, too.

This has been a REALLY long road in a short time but we are making progress.  Once I talk to “John” aka “My Psycho Doctor” (he has been hounding me about my health) I hope to have a new blog with all of the updates!

Thank you to everyone who is still concerned and who has been asking for updates.

Much Love,



12/27/11 1:00pm Central

Do you all know just how amazing you are?  Is it possible for you all to know just how much of a positive influence you have been in “John’s” life?  Can it be understood just how much of a difference that you all made in the life of a little dog and her best pal?  No, there is no way fathomable.  Let me recap what’s happened since my last update.

The Friday before Christmas Eve, I drove to “John’s” work with packages and letters in tow.  I even had a little card to them from me with a few different gift cards inside.  “John” and I stood inside his work and started the task of opening all of the mail that he received.  I let him open up everything except for a large box that had “Please open together” written on the outside.  I had the joy of opening that one!  While I told him that maybe it was a bomb, thankfully it was not!  While he opened letters and cards, I stood by his side and I opened up that big, intriguing box.  Once I cut the tape and pulled open the flaps, I found a letter that was written to Sweet Pea.  (once I am home, I plan to scan this letter and share it with all of you).  Basically, the letter told Sweet Pea that in the box was a pink Princess collar just for her.  The letter went on to explain that there were others collars in the box and that Sweet Pea was supposed to give them to me to distribute to shelters and rescues as I felt fit.  I glanced in the box and realized that it was totally full of beautiful handmade collars.  As tears streamed down my face, “John” leaned over and read the letter over my shoulder.  After smiling a huge smile and muttering words I can’t remember, he passed the letter around for others nearby to read.  It was a great moment and one of the most touching presents I have ever received.  Thank you to Cottage Collars in Santa Barbara, California for the great gifts that will (and have already) touched so many.  Also among the items “John” opened was a package that held 3 little envelopes.  I wasn’t sure what was happening because I was letting him have his own moment with these amazing gifts.  After he read a card that was included, he reached over to me with one of those envelope and he handed it to me and said, “Merry Christmas”.  Inside the envelope was a beautiful handmade crystal necklace.  Jan Holley in Portland, Oregon makes necklaces by hand and she had made one for each of “John’s” daughters and one for him to give to me.  As I write this update I am wearing the pretty little treasure.

“John” updated me on what has been happening and he is happy!  And deservably  so!  He has a roommate and life is pretty good!  The lady he moved in with is older than him and already in a relationship (for all you people wondering) so it makes things pretty effortless.  Even better is the fact that she works with him!  So, he has no major worries about getting to work because she has kindly stepped up and offered him rides to and from work and anywhere else that he needs to go.  She’s also an animal lover which is another HUGE plus!  I found out that “John” has already started paying it forward and he picketed in front of City Hall for a group called Chain of Hope which are animal rescue bad-asses.  I am SO waiting for a call from them so I can volunteer directly.  They go out in the community and do outreach for pets and their owners.  Chain of Hope is having some issues with the City being a pain in the rear so quite a few volunteers stood up for them.  I couldn’t believe it when he told me!  This is totally want I want out of someone!!

I saw “John” again yesterday when I delivered a car FULL of dog and person items to him.  This carload had made it all the way from St. Louis and a wonderful lady named  Shuma Chaudhuri took it upon herself to make sure “John” and Sweet Pea had plenty of food for a while!  I showed back up at “John’s” work and told him that I sure hoped he had room for a lot of stuff.  He wasn’t sure what I was talking about until I started unloading boxes of things and setting them next to my car.  He was flabbergasted and in awe.

So, thanks to people all over the world, the Craigslist Christmas wish came true.  People like you who have taken the time to read and share their story, people like Cottage Collars, Shuma and Jan who sent packages, those of you who mailed envelopes and cards to them, people who made monetary donations and those of you who simply thought and/or prayed for a miracle to happen.  You did it, you all did it.  I get chills thinking of how all of this happened and how people all over the world could move and stand for something that didn’t directly benefit them.  You’ve all become a part of something so much bigger than a blog post about a man and his dog.  You have changed the world.



****************************** UPDATE ******************************************

It’s with great sorrow and sadness that I tell you all that Sweet Pea passed away yesterday (6/3/13) at 7:15 pm.  When “John” is ready, I’ll see if he has anything to tell all of you.  Thank you to everyone that donated, sent prayers and assisted me in any way.  I can’t believe that it’s been 2 1/2 years since we all pulled together and made a miracle happen.  Thoughts and prayers to “John” as he deals with the sadness of losing his very best friend.


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  1. A ChipIn has been created to help make a miracle happen. Please donate or contact me for info on how you can help.

  2. How much is a month’s hotel bill including the pet fee?

  3. I made a small donation for John & sweet pea. Do hope they are reunited soon.

  4. I looked online at and it appears around $58 a night plus the pet deposit. I am going to call the motel and find out specifically about his situation and then I will post and let everyone know ASAP. Thank you for the donations and for the concern!

  5. His text to me this evening read: “‎”She still sleeping? I have thought alot about what you said when you were here and I realize that even though my pride sometimes gets in my way, I may need some help to get out of the situation I am in. I will send you e email sometime tomorrow with what would help me the most to get back on track. I don’t expect anything because I know right now everyone is struggling with our current economy, but you asked so I owe you that to tell you. You and your friends have already done so much by helping me with Sweet Pea, I can live without a lot but I can’t live without her and because of you and your friends I still have her and I will forever be grateful.”

  6. I spoke with “John” this evening and he said that they charge $178 a week plus the $10 per day pet charge. So far, the ChipIn is collecting money and we have an idea on how to get him a car if we collect enough! He also has been offered a job! I will keep everyone updated!

  7. Good luck John and Sweet Pea, you both so deserve to make it, I hope all your dreams and hopes come true and you are soon reunited and looking to a brighter future together.

  8. Okay ESFOA just chipped in grandview the Northland umm its still our community.
    Best wishes for this girl and her dad.

  9. God works in mysterious ways… and we entertain angels unaware. I pray for this man and Sweet pea… I dont know what I would do in his place . I would have to ask for help as well. I cant help , except send prayer and intercession with our good and merciful father.

  10. Does anyone know how to fix a car? I have an old beater Mitsubishi that I am willing to give to John, but I know it needs some work and tires. We were going to junk it, but if someone was willing to donate time to fix it up for him, I’ll donate it to John. It’s in the St. Louis area.

    • Kelly, at this point I think I am going to try and get a lease on a car. With $300 down and $50 a week, he can lease a car and not have to worry about tax, title, tag and maintenance. I am hoping I get enough to cover the initial lease and the remainder of December’s motel charges. That way, I can get Sweet Pea back home with her daddy where she belongs. We also have a job lined up that he can start on Monday! So, with enough money, I think we are going to make this happen. Thank you for reading their story!

  11. This the most amazing story, It breakes my heart for what John is going thru~ Please remind John that on the other side of bad things that happen to people when they have th courage to walk thru adversity is a huge gift. God never gives us more than we can handle, Its a comfort to see how much another person loves their furry child! (thats what i call my little dog) In what town is this?? Im disabled and dont have much but im going to see if i can help alittle, and im so grateful to u for helping John take care of sweet pea!~ u have a wonderful heart! God Bless u! Seeing and just being a small part of this just makes my heart see there is some good in this wor;d. I see so much bad and this one thing makes up for all of the bad i see.!! God is working in his life thru others!! seeing that is AMAZING!~~ THANK U TO ALL AND GOD BLESS IF I CAN HELP I WILL IF I CANT THE BEST HELP I CAN GIVE IS PRAYER. i KNOW ITS NOT MONEY BUT ITS PRICELESS~ ❤ BONNIE PEARSON

  12. So truly touched and shall be praying for the miracle you and other earth angels are preparing for “A man and his best friend”. May God bless you all for what you are doing and let us always remember~just one person doing doing just one thing…..and how we can create miracles in just that fashion. I am disabled and raising a teenager at the same time however my heart is full of love and prayer and I shall your beautiful story with daily prayers just knowing a Christmas miracle is happening before my very eyes. Thanks to all of the “compassionate ones” ~<3~

  13. Bawling by the end of reading this having to go through something similar. This post was shared on Facebook and thats how I found it. Just to get word of mouth going, Where is “John” ? Grandview? which Grandview and is that where he wants a job and to live. Does he want to relocate if he gets transportation etc. Trying to figure out who I know where so we can get these two reunited asap. Donated and shared this touching story!!

  14. disregard message on where is Grandview, I just read previous messages and see that you will keep us posted on what he needs. Thanks for doing this!

  15. This is one of the most amazing stories I have ever read and I cried my eyes out this reminds me why i do what I do also.God bless everyone who has helped this man and his dog.

  16. he sounds like a man i would love in my life, everyone has hard times, but to put his dog first, thats a real man. i hope things are great for him and sweet pea for christmas. i wish him and sweet pea the best christmas ever.

  17. Amazing ~ after reading this story and the comments ~ all I have to say is Thank You! I’m chipping $5 – not much I know – but it is all I can afford but I do this in hopes that ‘John’ and Sweet Pea can be together this Holiday.

  18. I agree.. so touching and definitely a man I hold in high regard. Life is unfair sometimes and bad things hpapen to good people. It’s just a thought , but do you think the hotel is approachable (or another hotel) in terms of waiving the pet fee? That would help stretch the donations a little farther. 🙂 Good luck to “John” and Sweet PEA!

  19. god bless you fopr wenting to help sweet pea and john out many the christmass micale come his way and him and sweet pea be togather for christmas and the reast of there life and god did send and angel to him you are it. i am still crying over this, but i know there is going to be a very happy ending here.

    • We never know who are angles are going to be or if they are even there, today you showed John and Sweet Pea that they exist! God Bless you and them!

  20. I willl share with everyone I know! Good Luck to John and thank you for what you are doing to help him and his dog please keep us updated will go to chip in to help need a few days.

  21. This is a wonderful story! God bless everyone who is helping this man and Sweetpea. I am praying for them and everyone who is helping! Wish I could do more!

  22. How would he feel about moving to Decatur, IL? I might be able to hook him up with a decent place to live if he would do some repairs to it while staying there. Pets are more than welcome as well.

  23. i love my rescue friends…. it just goes to show they are the BEST people on this earth 🙂

  24. I admire everyone for stepping up to help!

    One thing to be cautious of – if John is already struggling, I’m not sure committing to a lease payment for a car, and the required full coverage insurance is the best decision. I see someone offered a car that is in need of repair. perhaps we could facilitate free repairs on Johns behalf, which would allow him to get to where he needs to go, without being strapped with a lease payment, full coverage insurance, and the impending issues of turning in a leased vehicle.

    My apologies if this offends anyone, just trying to think of ways to get the most for him.

    • I completely understand where you are coming from! The lease does not require full coverage insurance and it’s $300 down and $50 a week. He doesn’t have to worry about taxes, tags or title. We think that for right now, it’s our best option. Once he gets work (which we have already found) he can get another vehicle!!

      • I agree with the above poster. Leases are not a good idea for most people. What you’re saying confuses me a bit because it doesn’t sound like a lease. You generally cannot lease a car by the week. It is $X down plus $X month for 36 months. You cannot break a lease, you can only get someone to take it over (which you have to find yourself and then pay a transfer fee). There are generally many fees for wear and tear at the end of the lease to restore the car to like-new condition. So finding another vehicle as you mentioned doesn’t sound feasible. With a used vehicle such as was mentioned above, he would only need liability insurance which would save a lot of money. Leases DO require you to pay tax, title, and maintenance. The tax and title are put into the monthly payments and the maintenance (oil changes, tires, etc) are NOT covered by the manufacturer or dealer. If you want to still do this “lease” idea (it sounds like more of a rental) be very wary. There are ALWAYS hidden fees. And yes, I personally lease a car so I am very familiar with car leases. BTW, leasing the lowest cost Kia vehicle is only ~$99 a month, I believe. I’ve seen their commercials a number of times.

  25. Shared. This warms my heart too. In rescue I see so many bad people and I have also lost my faith. I used to be a people person but not anymore. I hope when he gets back on his feet he can pay this forward by working with animals in need. He sounds like he would be great at it.

  26. I shared on the Animal Anarchy facebook page. There are 81 followers and hopefully some of them will share too.


    • Thank you for the offer! I will let him know! I am sure he would be reluctant to relocate because he has 2 children.

    • for real? this man needs to get his own life back not be used to make yours easier. you seem like you are just looking for someone to be a FREE live in aid to you and your maid and servant. shame on you. this is not what the holidays are about and what we are trying to do for this man.

      • Agreed. I don’t understand how people think that a month free in a whole new city/state is helping him. How will he afford to move there? What will he do when the month is up? Will you kick him out on the streets then? Geez! Plus this post says he can “volunteer” at Occupy Wall Street. How is volunteering going to get him on his feet? Sure.. send him to the most expensive city in the nation to volunteer for a month so he can be worse off than he is now. SMH.

  28. WOW! What a wonderful thing for you to do for fellow and his best friend. You will be blessed in many ways. I will donate in a bit. As others say, I know it won’t be much but every little bit helps. Please let us know how things are going…. love to all

  29. Even if his Commercial Driver’s License isn’t up to date, all he needs to do is call ANY truck driving company and tell them that he has some experience. My husband has gone truck driving three times and I know all of the in’s and out’s of this. How it works is he needs to get to the COMPANY”S driving school (not an independently run school) where they will house him and train him (he will need some money for food — they may also pay for a bus to get him there). Some companies will let you have a small dog after you have finished your driver training program. Yes, he will be away from his children and it’s a sucky life for a while but it WILL give him an income and is manageable, especially if he looks at it as short term. He can apply for a dedicated route that goes through his hometown so he can see his kids. I can help him find the right company if he is willing to give this a try, even if only for a year. It’s better than living on the streets and the truck driving companies are ALWAYS looking for people.

  30. I just saw the update. Okay, well anyway I’m so glad you’ve been able to help this man!! This is what Christmas is all about. I shared this story with a friend of mine in Missouri who knows just about everyone in the entire state so if he needs a second or different job or a permanent place to live, she may be able to help.

  31. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! This whole story just makes my heart so glad. At the beginning I was going to offer food and board for his Sweet Pea, but there are so many Christmas Angels taking charge and they are doing too job – you don’t need me! But I will do the Chipin donation as soon as I find the button.

    I forgot the names of the women who have taken charge of this, but want to tell you you’re doing a hell of a job.

  32. were could we send a gift card to for sweetpea and John to give them a lil extra something this holiday please let us know and thank you for taking John and sweet pea under your wing god bless you . To all of you who have donated or expressed words of compassion and prayer ” THANK YOU” my faith in humanity has been restored this is truly amazing!

  33. Actually, I don’t really know what Chipin is except a way to donate money. I can’t find it. This isn’t going to be a big donation, but if you want to send me an address, I’ll be glad to mail it.

    Nanci & Ringo (he wants to say Merry Christmas to Sweet Pea)

  34. Wow!! This story really touched my heart and I would love to help in any way possible .. Please friend request me on FB, and I will help network the story and chip in .. My FB name is; Dina Roversi Brown .. I have close to 5,000 friends on there, most of which are affiliated with rescue groups and/or involved in some capacity in the rescue field .. Once you have friended me, I will PM you my contact info and we can talk about ways to help .. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see what you are doing for this man and his dog .. It honestly restores some of my faith in humanity, which has been seriously tested lately .. You are ALL wonderful people to help them during this difficult time .. We can all relate to his pain, as everyone goes through ups and downs in life .. But this man is amazing, and he is putting his dog’s welfare first, and it is rare these days to see that kind of selflessness .. Please PM me on FB and/or friend request me and I will do whatever I can to help .. God Bless you for being their Guardian Angel ❤

  35. First of all, Thank you for sharing this story. This is absolutely beautiful. I am going to share on all the pages I admin on facebook. What are the names of the local grocery stores in your area? Do you think he would enjoy a Christmas Dinner from a grocery store? There is enough people on facebook that if everyone donated five dollars, we could have him set for a few months.

    Please let me know. As I said, I will share on my facebook pages. I will always give when it is impressed on my heart, and when it is not, I do not offer up any negativity. I smile and move on. I will give to the day I die, I am a donor.

    Yes, I work hard for my paycheck, but in a blink of a eye, it can be all gone. I am excited that you shared his story and allowing us ALL be part of his life during the hard times he is facing. So many people are going through economy struggles.

    Keep me posted, tell him prayers are coming from home in Colorado to his Home, even though it is a hotel, it is his home. Lets help make it a place to call home. Lets fill the cupboards with food, lets help with the cost of his weekly obligation.

    Merry Christmas Everyone, I don’t take out Christ.

  36. I stopped everything I was doing today, to read this story….and as I continued to the end, i found my own furry kiddos at my feet and around me, on the couch, and as I looked down at one of them, to pet his head, be looked at me w concern, and licked the tear from my face. I didn’t even realized I was crying, as I read thks story. This is the most touching story, I have yet read. Just since Aug., my husband & I have fallen on some very tough times, ourself, but every decision that I have made, to make our life better, has ultimately had all 4 of our dogs, in mind…..I had a friend tell me, that I would be better off selling the dogs and using the money to survive. Needless to say, I am no longer friends w that person. My personal faith in God, has carried us to where we need to be. Reading Johns story, has hit very close to home for us. I believe that its very important for him to know, that God has some very wonderful blessings in store for some very special people, here on earth. I would really like to send something, to the chip-in, but just don’t have it, so instead, I will be praying, extremely hard, for him and Sweet Pea, that God will take care of everything, the two of them need. Please let him know this, and that God is in control, and will make all things wonderful, according to His will. I admire John, amd completely understand his undying love and devotion, to his dog. We are in Tennessee, but if we were anywhere near much closer, we wouldn’t hesitate to open our home to the both of them. As it is, we can only offer our prayers and support from where we are. Bless you, as well….for having a kind enough heart, to help the two of them like u have. There ARE still angels, on this earth. Thank u for sharing this, via Facebook….I would have never know about it, and if at some point, we get back on track, y, also, then we would be honored to send a little something.g to help out. Thank u again, SO MUCH, and have a blessed day!!

  37. This story touched my heart. I will pray for “john” and Sweet Pea! God Bless all of the Angels who are reaching out to help another and his Sweet Pea!

  38. I also am in rescue and have lost faith in people. People forget that it is better to give than to receive. Bless his heart for putting his dog first, that is so commendable most people dump their pets. You are truely a hero in your dogs eyes John and I wish you many blessings and a long life together.
    With lots of ball playing and naps and belly rubs for Sweet Pea. As I am speding the last days with our dog who has cancer and is in hospice care I must say this was very heartwarming and my Christmas wish for you and Sweet Pea is that you will be reunited before the holiday. Much love from one animal lover to another<3<3

  39. I rescued abandoned cats and dogs for years, and I know what it’s like to go through hard times and lose your animals. Best of luck to this guy and his dog. I can afford to pay for one night for the dog at the hotel (just donated on your chipin site). I’m so glad it looks like things are looking up for him; he sounds like he does not deserve to being going through this.

  40. I posted this on Georgia Humane’s Facebook. I hope it will help get you to your goal. We see so many seniors dumped at high kill shelters and it’s heartbreaking. It’s just wonderful that John reached out for help and was lucky to find a rescue willing to assist. Thank you for not only saving his dog, but also helping him find a fresh start.

  41. Sending thoughts and Prayer to this wonderful Family “John and Sweet Pea” I am unable to help other then help network this one facebook!

  42. By the end of today?! That’s absolutely wonderful! I have seen at least 3 christmas miracles in the last 24 hrs! This is truly the most astounding. Thank you for everything you are doing. My best to all of you.

  43. I can’t donate much but I hope the little bit will help. It’s nice to know someone else loves there dog as much I as do. I wish “John” and Sweet Pee a Very Merry Christmas and only the best in 2012!!

  44. Would John be willing to relocate? I would be honored to have him stay at my house WITH his dog as long as he wants……but I live in Florida!! I dont really know what the job situation is like right now but I need help with my dogs as I am getting ready to undergo surgery and will need someone to stay with me that can walk, and play with my dogs while I recouperate…….In exchange for doing that , he could stay here free of charge, only his food and necessities would be his…..

    • if he were to do that care givers for attendant care and replacement services are able to bill the insurance compaany….all thats needed is a prescription from the doc for attendant care and one for repllacement services….attendant care is 10-12 an hour for how many hours a day doc writes script for and replacement services..lawn/animals/vacumning/cooking etc is 20.00 perday…so he could get paid from insurance company for his help….

  45. A true CHRISTMAS STORY if I ever read one..warmed my heart and moved my spirit with such joy and pride of the ‘network’ of people with such loving hearts to help!… It is a true honor to help and share .. Bless this man and his wonderful Sweet Pea.. and bless Darth for spotting this craigslist article and stepping up to care for Sweet Pea for ‘John’ … Hugs and Love !

  46. Hi Dareth, its woderful to hear john is getting help, i hope you dont mind me telling you about a fb page called Save Pixie and Spike. Thier owner is in similar curcumstances and has move states twice to live with friends who have offered help to keep her pets but the last i heard things were desperate and she was having to look into rescue for them, do you know anybody who can help?

  47. I so very much wish I had some cash. Is there a place I could send “John” a card and some dog toys? I also have an extensive list of places that provide low cost vetting, and even organizations where you can apply for grants for financial assistance. I might also have info. on pet friendly housing. My Fb is Amy Affrunti. Please let me know if I can assist. Email

  48. Pittsburg/ Crawford county Kansas has openings for EMTs. And some income based apts at the old he’s hotel that are pet friendly. (A few other apt buildings here in town will take small dogs)

  49. wow I pray the lord grants John favor.

  50. I just sent a few dollars for “John” and “Sweetpea.” His story made me cry my eyes out, particularly because I’m also looking for work. I hope that this little bit can help them and that more send in to help your cause.

  51. Just now finding this blog. I live in SW MO north of Joplin and am wondering what is the current status on John???? Sending prayers for John, Sweet pea and also to you for bringing this to our attention.

  52. Hi, I posted this touching story to Reddit, one of the most giving groups in the world. I hope something comes of it!

  53. Just an idea for you to check into. I recently stayed at a campground that has alot of permanent homes on it’s grounds. It is very reasonable to stay there and dogs are accepted at 99% of all. You can even get a job at some as a camp host. So you get a place to live,pay and can take the dog! Win Win
    hope this helps!

  54. Workkamper Position for RV site or Small Apartment

    Small motel resort on Bull Shoals Lake in Pontiac, MO needs a retired couple to help with housekeeping, landscaping & general maintenance.

    Looking for a total of 20 hrs. per week each, in exchange for RV site or small apartment, wireless internet, laundry, access to pool & Rec Hall. Near lake & marina. Good fishing.

    Cactus Ridge Resort–Pontiac, Mo.
    Email us at or call 417-679-2391

    Visit our website Cactus Ridge Resort to learn more about our resort.

  55. John you may need to find a girlfriend /best friend lol:
    Work Campers Needed at Camelot RV Campground, Poplar Bluff, Missouri

    We need a dependable workamper couple who will be committed from mid MARCH to mid NOVEMBER. There is an opportunity for year round placement.

    We are looking for people willing to exchange an RV site with full hookups and park amenities for approximately 30 to 60 hours per month. Water, sewer, electric, trash, cable TV 61+ channels, WiFi at site.

    Task; mainly cleaning facilities along with some operations and general maintenance duties. If we require more hours than your site and amenities are worth we will allow for compensation. No computer skills needed.

    Call: 573-785-1016 Email: Website:

    • I’m sure this was well-meant, but I doubt now is the best time to joke about having a GF or best friend, considering John’s gf getting back with her ex was one of the major reasons he is in his current situation and he if he had a “best friend” don’t you think they would be helping him out by watching Sweet Pea or giving him a place to stay? Please, it is not funny, I was offended at that comment and the “lol” you wrote.

  56. ok 1 more-Gosh I would love to do this ! Just work and travel and I know there are oportunities all over this country. God Bless John and Sweet Pea. Write a book and they can make a movies and you will be rich! Great story,and thanks to those of you that helped,this is a wonderful up building story,thanks for sharing!

  57. oops forgot to paste 😦
    Branson KOA
    At the Branson KOA we are dedicated to providing our campers with our famous home-style hospitality and outstanding customer service. With seasonal staff positions ranging from maintenance to registration and cleaning to store clerk, we have a variety of employment opportunities available.Visit and click on the work here link at the bottom of the web page to see what positions are available.

  58. When my Husband lost his job and couldn’t find another, we were loosing our house and could not afford the animals yearly vet bill, this was just before Christmas also, I didn’t know where we were going to be moving because they give you 2 weeks to get out of your house. I was trying to find a home for my two cats and two dogs,one family came out with there kids and they were playing with the dogs in the yard. I couldn’t hold back the tears, the father asked me why I was giving them away as they were clearly loved, so I told him, he then said he couldn’t take them from me, but would pay for the vet bills and would house them for me until we got back on our feet. I will never forget that family, However through staying positive and being good people, our situation worked out, and we were able to find a place and keep our pets. There are some truly amazing people out there. Miracles happen every second.

  59. I have a 2 bedroom apt with a spare room available. I have dogs, but they are dog friendly. I’m in midtown, 1/2 block from a bus stop. You can email me for more info and details 🙂
    Yay pups!

  60. This is in MO?

  61. I hope that John had an amazing first day of work. Is he able to take Sweet Pea with him. I saw that it said “John” and sweet Pea were off to their 1st day of work. I know that things can only get better from here. Darath thank you so much for being the little pebble that was thrown into the water creating such circles of love and compassion. Sometimes it is the leap of faith that we take that really changes lives. Thank you to both “John” and Darath for taking leaps of faith in each other. Please keep us updated on “john” story.

  62. I feal that this story is a scam!!!!! Someone who had just been thru a break up, not a divorce, does not take his dog to a motel that wouldn’t except him when there are plenty of motels out there that do take him. Then who would take their dog away from 2 kids that were not mentioned until the media ws braught up. Then there is the 45 mins distance between the 2 locations…… No one would drive 45 mins away in this economy all the time just to check on a guy and his dog, I have a dog too with hip problems mini doxie, I have no money, I live in my mother in laws basement with my 6month son. the original listing was for someone to give a temp home to a dog, now its a story how “John” who is no MAN is getting all this money and help from strangers…what drug is he on. Oh and there is no place in the world that leases a car for $300 down $50 month. They would loose so much money. The guys name is John, that is the number 1 made up name in history (go ahead google it). These are just people that tricked other people into giving them stuff……The dog toys that were sent to them was donated to pet places. (good for taxes). and the money they recieved was so they can buy Christmas presents or drugs. If there were kids involved they wouldn’t worry about being embaresed they would be mad that their dad just took their dog….KIDS COME FIRST…
    If you want to send me money for my dog or my son please do because I’m a MAN who is working out of my own hole, we all have holes….We are not having christmas again because I have no food , money, I was LAID OFF, and no one cares about us…. KEEP ON LIVING. MY EMAIL :…….. you may also follow me on Facebook, just email me a link to your FB and i will send you a Friend Request.

    • Dave.. you need to get a clue. What a Grinch. Sounds like someone is upset that someone else is getting help and you’re not. Darath is an animal rescuer and I doubt that she would make up a story like this. I’m sure you could find the CL ad if you are in doubt. Try searching instead of complaining. Also, please feel free to read all the details before you comment. John’s motel DOES allow dogs, he could not afford the extra $10/night for the dog to stay. NO hotels allow dogs to stay free unless they are a service dog. I know because I travel for work and often bring my dog. Again, feel free to research. Secondly, John’s kids were mentioned long before the media was brought up, feel free to read the prior comments again. I don’t know why you think no one would drive 45 minutes to help an animal/person. Maybe YOU wouldn’t.. actually, CLEARLY you wouldn’t.. but many others would. I have no job right now and I drove over 2 hours to rescue an epileptic dog two months ago, plus another 2 1/2 hours to the vet, plus a half hour to my apartment then a half hour to a temp foster, then a half hour home. SIX hours to help ONE dog. You obviously didn’t read the story at all. DARATH is calling this mane “John” so his real name isn’t revealed here. He didn’t make that name up for himself. John is one of the most popular names in the US. My father’s name is John, does that make him a fake? My lord. You are a very angry and jealous man. “John” never once asked for the money and donations.. Darath asked for donations to help him because he touched her heart. “John” didn’t want to ask for help even with temporary housing for his dog! You say he was not a man because he asked for help (which he didn’t) yet then you end your ignorant post asking for people to send you money. Please get a clue. You are a very very bitter man and need more than just monetary help..

    • Dave, the gentleman’s name is not “John”. That is how they are referring to him to keep his identity private. This all started out with caring for a dog until he was able to get back on his feet. The rest of the information came out later. I think you need to re-read the entire blog with the updates posted to get a full understanding before you jump to conclusions. We are all experiencing down times right now, and anything that anyone can do for someone else (and for an animal as well!) shows how much just a little bit can do. I hope you can get past your “down times” and see that there are always people who care.

    • Dave,

      Ya know, before all of this started, I would have thought it was a scam, too. When I saw the post I wanted to ignore it and believe that it was a fake. The fact that I work in rescue, I see the horrible in people every single day. I didn’t want to believe that this was for real and right up until the moment I saw them, I didn’t.

      I am the worlds biggest pessimist (or at least I thought I was until I read your post). I honestly don’t want to believe the good in people. And this didn’t start out about a person, it started out about a dog.

      Whether you believe the story or not, that’s your choice. I just hope that something out there reaches out to you and shows you that good really does exist. Miracles do happen and there really are good people that care. I care about you too, Dave. I hope things get better for you.


    • PS Angry “Dave”. There are a couple of places here in the KC area that are “rent to own” car places.

      Don’t be jealous because “John” is getting help because he is a humble man.. Not someone who is bitter and angry. Remember- be thankful you have a mother in law for you and your wife too mooch off of, uh, I mean, live in her basement. Not everyone is so lucky. Why don’t you get off your unemployed butt and go work at a homeless shelter or animal shelter instead of calling ppl fakes. Help comes when u help others.

    • Maybe no one cares about you because you don’t care about anyone else Dave, the worst thing in the world is someone who is so selfish they can’t see past their own troubles to even smile at someone else. I hate seeing disabled people who are pissed off at the world and expect everyone to feel sorry for them and kiss their ass. Yes we all fall on hard times, and it is how we deal with it that makes us or breaks us, you can make the best of it and still be a good person and be happy, or you can curl up in a corner and cry yourself to death. You get what you give.

  63. Dave – I’m so sorry for your situation. It sounds a bit like you haven’t had a lot of kindness bestowed on you. This kind of thing happens all the time, and luckily, there are people who will travel 45 minutes to help a man and a dog who are down on their luck.
    My wish for you this holiday season is that the kindness of strangers finds you and your family.

  64. dave you need to have fath and yes i know how you fell but i have 4 dogs and my be lossing my home. i was a single mom on my ownen for a long time. i had to go to food banks to get food my job did not pay much and i had two sons at the time and 1 dog and i would not gave up any of it. i know you are going to have a good christmas just have the faith god gave.

  65. Dave, honestly there is no lengths too great for an animal rescuer. I actually drove almost 12 hours to take a homeless man a dog after his passed away. Don’t think the details surrounding that were easy either lol.

    Darath, I can give you the number of the landlord where my daughter rents in Grandview, they accept pets and she has a 2 br place that rents for $450 month… One bedrooms are even cheaper. Just let me know.

  66. So the hotel will be refunding the $10 per night pet fee that was paid in advance, correct? I mean since they’ve now asked for the dog to get out, they surely aren’t planning to keep the money. This just sucks. Wish I knew the parent company for the hotel. I’d write a letter of complaint! Not local to the area, so can’t offer any suggestions for housing 😦

    All that aside, did John enjoy his first day of work?

    • I doubt the motel realizes all the bad press that can come of this. They aren’t American run so I really don’t think that I can track down a parent company.

      • I know you must be overwhelmed by all this . I believe Cars 4 Christmas could help with the car problem.
        Cars 4 Christmas
        P.O. Box 518 · Belton, Missouri · 64012
        Non-Profit Organization
        However I know most of their stuff is done with media involved. All the tv channels have contact with them,, Terry Franz is the leader of the group. Maybe some contact could be made that would insure privacy for John. They are truly good people ,,,, thank you for all you are doing to help.

      • I just text my daughter to get the number for you Darath, will send it along later tonight. What email addy would you like me to send it to? or should I just facebook message it to you? She gets off work at 11pm so will be after that. Sorry I didn’t get it before she went to work.

  67. THIS is a perfect example of The Christmas Spirit ~ “…& on Earth Peace & Good Will towards ALL men (& Animals!).”.

  68. i was not looking for a free manservant. i was offering to hook john up with sro’s in the neighborhood run by nonprofits that take in single men with dogs or cats. single women as well. also occupy is taking back foreclosed homes all over the country. volunteering with ows might get him into a squat/foreclosure-repossession-from-the-banks situation.

    if his kids don’t live with him, it is easier to get on his feet in nyc than in missouri.

    never assume the worst of people–the quadropeds don’t appreciate it neither! hope all goes well with John and everyone else this holiday season.

  69. Too bad he was not closer to me. This is the kind of person I would not mind renting the room in my house out to. I have 5 personal dogs and am a rescuer also. May God bless him and his baby. I was homeless for 7 months out of this year and my dogs away from me for 3 of those. I know what he is gong through. I now have a home, one i cannot really afford, have lost my car and have nothing in the house but i do have a home. I will keep them in my prayers.

  70. i pray for “john” and sweet pea…i wish there was something more i could do to help, than just my donation…when john gets into a place, id love to send him dishes etc…after xmas sales are ging to be wonderful and perfect timeing so i can help….this man and dog are truely amazing together…and his caring darath is even more amazing…this time sweet pea will know for sure she will be returning soon to daddy and daddy will handle her leaving better as he knows it will be very soon…..this motel he is in…yep id spread the horrible of them for doing this….what harm is sweat pea doing by being in this room…none…i hope everyone finds out and doesnt stay there ever….

  71. Hoping the best for John and his Sweet Pea. I hope they are together soon.I cant imagine,I cant stop crying,Every dog deserves to be loved like that.Its wonderful to see how many people are willing to help.John is a wonderful man to put his dog first.I wish him the best of luck.Please keep me posted.

  72. Donated and shared this story with love and hope for John and Sweet Pea ❤ Best wishes and greetings from the Netherlands

  73. Shared the story with everyone that I could get a hold of. Hopefully can get some more donations rolling in.

  74. I just made a Paypal donation which will put you at 100 percent of your goal but I want to do more.

  75. Talk about a Christmas cry! Holy Moly. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story. My prayers are with this sweet family and everyone that has a huge heart to help people in these situations. I love seeing the good in America . . . there is so much bad lately, and to see this story develop makes my heart warm! Please do interviews and get this out to the media! America needs to have something that can restore their faith in people. *hugs*

  76. I think u r a remarkable woman with a big heart <2
    keep the faith..! The Lord works in misterious ways… Your story touched my heart. I am unable to help with money. I have 3 babies but I will keep you all in my prayers

  77. This has touched my heart soooo deeply! My thoughts and prayers are with “John” and Sweet Pea. I so wish I had my old Honda…I sold it last year…I would have given it to him. What amazing people all of you are!! Merry Christmas and may the Lord keep all of you in his arms.

  78. wow amazing i knew there were some ppl out there they have a good heart…be proud of you and all the others who help someone out…and that all before christmas..amazing..but he should look for a different motel..this is just horrible..( i knew how he feels…and all his storey is now in germany as well..i will post it everywhere…of course some i have to translate…i hope he can find a place really soon..keep us all update….

  79. I am moving out of my house at 42nd and Charlotte. It’s a 3-bd has a fenced yard and is $850/mo. Available in Jan/Feb. Let me know if you’re still looking for a place!!

  80. Take care of yourself and thanks for bringing us together to help!

  81. Wayside waifes has a app for looking up rentals that will take pets. I found five in the 64030 zip.

  82. Isn’t there any other hotels he could stay at that is pet friendly? Seems like more and more hotels are realizing that us animal people will go to extremes to keep our family with us!

  83. try motel 6 and premiere inns ..

  84. any update …hope john and sweet pea are together and all is coming together

  85. I hope things have improved even more. Any updates?

  86. yeh its all gone very quiet on here after the initial rush of comments and help .. hope all is going ok .. i sent you a couple of e mails too Darath

  87. tell john and sweetpea merry christmas and a happy new year to them and also you i hop all is will and he find an appt for him and sweetpea.

    • Linda,
      Thank you! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too! We put in applications for apartments but it looks like we may have found “John” a place with a roommate and it would be someone he works with! This would be ideal because we know she’s an animal lover, they work together and it leaves us enough money to get “John” a car!

  88. she wasnt feeling well…i hope all is well with her also

  89. so brilliant to hear all this has done for john … great that hes got so much of his life back again … and brilliant to you for making it happen and of course amazing those who have offered help and support on the net too .. great that its made things look so much better for john now

  90. I am so very happy to hear the good news. It is kind of interesting how “you were brought into John’s life” but also maybe you need him to. Someone needs to hound you to take care of your health. Please do so, without you none of this may have happened. So please take care of yourself. Merry Christmas!!

  91. merry christmas and a happy new year to you john and sweet pea too and all the famaily members too. i am glad you are feeling better know and john is doing will a re one of gods micale angels here on earth many blessing to you

  92. The story of John and Sweet Pea serves to remind us that there really are angels like yourself and all who donated, prayed and hoped. Merry Christmas to you and to John. May peace and joy follow you into the new year!

  93. An update was just posted today, 12/27/11. Please check it out! It’s listed at the very bottom of the original story!


  94. Thank you so much Darath for your caring nature and seeing this through (I know it’s not the end yet!) I am so glad to see that John is already able to start paying it forward. It is amazing what can happen when people pull together no matter how big or small their part. If it weren’t for you and your writings, a lot of people would not know of this story. For that I thank you for allowing “us” into your Christmas Miracle! Best Wishes to all for a Happy New Year, and extra hugs and kisses to Sweet Pea for bringing together a bunch of people who otherwise would never have “met”.

  95. So sweat pea and john have a roof over thier heads together, he has a wonderful room mate and job…all because you shared his story…and hes already paying it foreward…im so touched by all this…AND TO THE ONES WHO SENT GIFTS, CARDS, DONATED….YOU ALL ARE AMAZING WONDERFUL PEOPLE…BLESS YOU ALL AND HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR.i got chills reading how wonderful kind people sent gifts for john to give…but also sent collars to dogs in need of them….my heart is so happy reading all this…beautiful kind loving people…..

  96. Now that “John” is settled, I hope you can take care of yourself!

  97. Your web site is very much worthy of a bookmark. Thank you for the good post!

  98. happy new year john and sweet pea and to you and your famaily of angels know you need to take care of your self god bless

  99. For some reason “John” and Sweet Pea were on my mind this morning. Hope they are doing well and I hope that you are feeling better too.

  100. How are they doing? Any updates?

  101. Wohh exactly what I was searching for, regards for posting.

  102. Greetings, how’s it going? I hope you do well. I wanted to say that I like this post.

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  117. gosh cant beieve this was 2011 …. how are Jhon and SWeet Pea doing now ??? do you still hear from him ??

  118. It’s with great sorrow and sadness that I tell you all that Sweet Pea passed away yesterday (6/3/13) at 7:15 pm. When “John” is ready, I’ll see if he has anything to tell all of you. Thank you to everyone that donated, sent prayers and assisted me in any way. I can’t believe that it’s been 2 1/2 years since we all pulled together and made a miracle happen. Thoughts and prayers to “John” as he deals with the sadness of losing his very best friend.

  119. Oh! I’m so sorry. My sympathies are you you and John. You did a wonderful thing for them. Thank you. Prayers for John and Sweet Pea. I hope John is doing well in his new life.

  120. John …. although I don’t know you personally ….. my tears have fallen and my heart aches tonight reading Sweet Peas story ….. Thank you for loving her ….. she loved you …. thoughts and prayers go out for you this evening that you will find peace and comfort ….. John your the best ……

  121. Gentle hugs and my tears flow with yours. Darath is such a sweet soul and this story of how everyone pitched in together to make Sweet Pea’s journey with John the best she could ever have. Thank you, “John” for making her world full of love and happiness. Candle lit to brighten her journey over the Rainbow Bridge to meet with all our furry loved ones. May she run fast and free till you meet again to catch her in your arms.
    love, peace, healing.

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  123. RIP Sweet Pea Thank you for being the sweet loving furbaby you were and for bringing together an entire country/world of animal lovers to help you and “John”. Run free baby for you two will be reunited again

  124. What a great story!!! U have restored my faith in the human race, as I have more compassion for animals than I do for most people. Just so sad to read/see all the stories of these poor animals that are abused neglected or on “death row”..Major dog/cat lover here! Thank you and everyone who help John and Sweet Pea remain together for her last couple of years. It’s so nice to read a happy story for a change. I hope John continues to have a good life and hopefully will adopt/save another companion until one day he is reunited with her. RIP Sweet Pea.Thanks again to ALL!!!

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