Christmas Miracles Vs. Every Day Kindness

What a whirlwind the past few weeks have been!  I haven’t had much time to sit and write but tonight I received something that inspired me.  It was a simple gesture that changed my whole day and can be added among my most treasured moments/items.  Waiting for me in my rain-soaked mailbox was a package.  I thought that maybe it was just another package for “John” and Sweet Pea but when I checked all over the envelope, I didn’t see their name anywhere.  I looked at the senders’ address and I immediately recognized it as one of my fellow rescue crazies (aka animal rescue hero) and someone I consider to be a friend.  Wondering got the best of me and I carefully opened the package to reveal a Christmas card and a little box.  Inside the little box was a beautiful ornament that had a child and a dog.  On the front of the box it said “Kindness Ornament” and “Above All, Kindness”.  I don’t know why this touched me so much but it hit me like a 40 ton Mack truck!  When I saw that ornament, I was moved to tears and my knees grew wobbly.

For the past few weeks I have heard over and over again that I am a hero, that I am an angel or that I made a Christmas miracle happen.  Funny thing is, I am still the same person I was before.  I am no hero, no angel and I didn’t make a Christmas miracle happen.  What did I do?  I acted on my human instinct of compassion, I cared about a situation and I took the steps to solve the problem.  Was it my problem?  No.  Did I make it my problem?  Yes.  Why?  Because someone has to.

There is something that touches each one of us.  No matter how hardened we are to the world and how much we convince ourselves that there is nothing we care about,  we are only kidding ourselves.  “John” and Sweet Pea’s story wasn’t any different than anyone else who is reaching out for help, except for the part where people took steps to grab that hand and lift them up.  And you know what?  It only took one person to start the change, one person in the entire world just had to care enough to want to make a difference.  The person that started all of this wasn’t me, it was my friend who had seen a post on Craigslist.  She wanted to help, I wanted to help more and then other people wanted to help, too.  Do you see how this works?  It’s called pulling together.  Not a Christmas miracle, not made by angels, not done by hero’s but instead, done by kindness.  We all have it in us and we can all be a hero to someone or something.  We can all take a stand and fight for something important to us.  We just have to realize that it all starts with just one single person and one single act.  We can change the world simply with kindness.

You are here for a purpose, you are important and you can change the world… even if it’s just for one person or animal.  You mean something to me and to all of us.  Have a little faith in yourself and you can make miracles happen.


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  1. What a wonderful thing that happened here just because someone cared enough to take the first step. So glad to help be a small part of this, it truly touched my heart and this is what Christmas and the spirit of giving is all about. Bless you and everyone who cares enough to help a stranger and his sweet dog during their time of need.

  2. The difference being you took the time out of your life to “solve the problem”. A lot of people won’t take the time for doing a little kindness. I found a little dog on the side of a highway and i was afraid he was going to get hit by a car. Cars whizzing passed at 60 miles a hour. I was on my way to the doctors, I took the time to stop and get the dog off the highway. I keep emergency animal kit in my car, (food, water,bowls collars leashes). I went on to my appointment and the dog did fine in my car . I after went to that county shelter to see if dog was micro-chipped. He was not. I left him in case owners were looking for him. If not I had arrangements made for my friend to foster him. I took the time to look out for that little guy. All the other people did not they just stepped on the gas and sped by him. The owners claimed him and Happy ending!
    That is what makes you different and others like us we take the time to care.

  3. Even though you may not consider yourself an Angel or a Hero ,we all think you’re covered in Awesome Sauce!

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