You Win Some and You Lose Some

It’s the night before Christmas Eve and I am exhausted from all of the wrapping and Christmas crap I had to do today.  My morning started early with my 75 pound beast climbing on top of my chest while I lay in bed.  He was giving me “the look”.  “The look” is when he stares at me until I tell him to howl.  Once I whisper that word, it’s on.  He will sing the blues!!  He was getting so loud this morning that my little ones ended up in bed, too and we all sat and howled for a while.  Very strange family we are.  Sure the neighbors love us!

I packed up my little ones and headed to Winding River kennels to visit my friend Sam and to take “John” and Sweet Pea their mail.  I tracked “John” down in the back moving pooches from one place to another.  The minute he spotted me he came up and gave me a great big hug.  We them went to the front office and I started giving him the things he had received, along with what I brought for him.  I handed him a card from me which contained numerous gift cards.  He looked over at me and told me that he had never been given anything for Christmas since he was a kid.  I told him I messed up his record.

There was a box from Cottage Collars and it said that John & I were supposed to open it together.  When we did, I just about died.  The box was full of collars for me to donate to the shelters and rescues!!  And there was a very special collar for Sweet Pea that says “Princess”.  I plan on copying the letter so you all can see it.  Immediately, I handed out collars for the dogs somewhere in transition for  a home.  Nothing can make a dog feel like they are cared about like a collar can. A collar says, “I’m important.” and “someone loves me”.  To be able to make a homeless dog feel this way it the greatest feeling ever.

After spending some time with “John” and Sam, I left Winding River to take the boys for something to eat.  I ate a nice steak and really thought that things couldn’t be better.  Then I came home to the wrapping of toys and crackling and popping of my joints any time I loved.  Hours in, I needed a break and so  I sat down and found my emails full.

Apparently, the KCMO Animal Shelter is so over-run that they will begin euthanizing dogs tomorrow, Christmas Freakin’ Eve, due to lack of space.  Please take a moment and look over the list of available dogs and share their stories and help save their lives.  You can be a hero!

Kansas City Animal Shelter


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  1. Thanks for posting. It’s been tough through the transition process as we just don’t have the infastructure set up to handle the large number of animals that come into that shelter. We’ve been doing, I think, a pretty decent job of shuffling animals around and getting them adopted (thanks to a lot of help from the rescue/shelter community). But we’ve been above capacity for awhile, and a huge impound day yesterday has forced us into a horrible spot. We basically felt we had a couple of options — we could do what open admission shelters do in this situation, and lower numbers quietly, or we could be transparent about it. We’re hoping to get this so that we always give at least 24 hours notice before any adoptable animal’s life is taken — to give the rescue community and opportunity to help. They can’t help if they don’t know we need it. And we think people will help if they know.

    • Brent,

      You have your hands full with this new project. I will help all I can. I posted this quickly last night in an effort to get is shared very quickly because the blog has been receiving insane hits ever since my story about “John” and Sweet Pea. I hope it helps save someone!

      • We very much appreciate your help. Every little bit helps and it’s going to be a constant battle, but we’re committed to doing the very best we can with it.

  2. Patricia Gonzalez-Powell

    SO happy to hear about all the collars, and that John is having a great Xmas, presenst and all!! … Very sad to hear about KCMO Shelter euthanizing animals starting today .. I have posted on FB .. and hopefully it will help .. Posted to my wall and to Rescues, and to a friend in KCMO

    • To clarify Patricia, our goal is to not have to euthanize any today – -but we are beyond capacity so in order to not have to we have to get some out of the shelter and into rescues. We’ve found several fosters and gotten several to rescues…just need a little more help. Even just one dog adopted/fostered/rescued would help.

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