Never Give Up

Tonight after I picked my boys up from school, we began the drive home and we made it… a block.  It only took a block for me to get stopped in my tracks.  Sitting expectantly right in the middle of the road was a black cat.  I slowed my car to a crawl while my boys argued in the back seat.  The crawl turned to a stop and I bit my lip in anguish as a car came barreling down the other side of the road and almost hit it.  After the car passed, I rolled my window down and attempted to “shoosh” the cat out of the way.  It looked up at me with its beautiful yellow eyes and let out a soft “meow”.  I tried to be angry with it in an effort to get it out of the road but still nothing but smiling yellow eyes and “meow”.  By that time the boys had realized something was going on.  Within seconds, Paris had declared it homeless and in need of treatment.  “Mom, you have to do something.  You can’t leave it sitting there in the street.”  I’m still stopped in the street and I notice that there is a line of cars behind me.  Crap!  I moved my car gently forward and off to the side of the road and was very careful not to hit the black cat that was walking along the side of it!  Thankfully, everyone behind me saw and they knew to be careful.

Once I got safely off the road, it only took a few “kitty-kitty’s” before I was met with those yellow eyes and that now very firm “meow”.  The cat looked in pretty great shape so I thought that I was just messing with someone’s cat that was outside for the day.  I was sitting at the side of the road petting the cat and trying to silently convince myself of what I was going to do while my not-so-silent 7-year-old is in the back seat already thinking of names for the cat.  “Paris, you know dad won’t let you have a cat.”  “No, but you want to take care of it.  We could hide it in our room.”  I’m still sitting at the side of the road loving this meowing little beast while I try to figure out what I’m going to do.  I reached in my car and I pulled out a bag of dog treats just to see if it was hungry.  He was!  He was trying really hard to eat so I knew I needed to get him some help.

Since it was nice outside, I drove all around the school and to all the houses and streets around it.  I was asking everyone I saw if they noticed the cat and they all said no.  I called Larry and told him that I wouldn’t be home for a while because of this cat and he only said, “It’s not coming here.”

I decided to just pick a street and grab the cat and go door to door.  I skipped a few houses that looked empty and went to a house that seemed to call out to me.  I knocked and when the man opened the door, I asked him if he recognized the cat and he said, “I think I do.”  Since he said nothing else, I said, “Can you tell me what house he lives at””  The man looked at me and said, I think he lives here,  I think this is my cat Lincoln who’s been missing since August.”  “Do you mind if I hold him a second?”  I handed him over and watched him carefully turn the cat onto it’s back to find a white spot on his belly.  He ruffled the hair there and sat the cat down shaking his head as he did so.  I looked down and the cat was already gone, off exploring the house.  The man looked at me, still in shock and was explaining how his cat disappeared in August while he was in Las Vegas.  He said that he’d looked for Lincoln for many months and never found a trace of him so he was just to the point of getting a new cat.  I heard how he fell in love with the little furball when he got him from a Wal-Mart parking lot.  The man thanked me over and over and I was still apprehensive over how all of this happened.  What are the odds?  Lincoln was sitting only 1 block from his home?  Did he know he was close?  Is that why he was sitting there meowing?

I walked back to my car and was greeted by the biggest smiles ever from my boys.  Paris said, “This is why you can’t ever give up, Mom.  You saved their life.”  Granted, my child thinks having your pet saves your life and you know, maybe he’s right.

I don’t know why that cat was put in my path and why things worked out the way they did.  In the end, it all comes down to the fact that if you lose your pet you can’t ever give up in the hope of still finding them, no matter how long they’ve been gone.  Our animals are linked to us for a lifetime.  Sometimes, they lose their way but if given the chance, they always can find it back.


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  2. I am sorry but I guess that is why I am not married cause if you had not found the owner what would you have done with the cat? Me I would take it home cause I know that in a shelter it would have more than likely put down especially black animals have a harder time getting adopted. But it is great that you found the owner and your boys saw that you cared enough to try

  3. This sounds so much like the kind of thing that happens to me all the time — usually with dogs. Last summer, I chased two dogs many blocks and then straight into their own homes. One had been missing for weeks, the owner said.
    I think we must exude something that the animals pick up on. Or maybe they are getting in our heads and telling us things we don’t realize.

  4. You know 9 out of 10 ppl would have left that cat sitting in the street! This really made me cry, it shows me GOD’s power and the angels he sends in this world to execute it. I don’t know you but I love you. Thank you for giving a damn!

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