When Angels Can’t Save Them All

Animal rescue, it’s born inside a lucky few of us.  Some people would consider it a disability or a form of mental psychosis.  I haven’t exactly decided what it is.  The highs and lows are what I would think could rival that of the hardest drug addict.

What is animal rescue?  Well, if I had to sum it up in one word it would likely be “crazy”.  How so, you ask?  Well, you would have to understand a day in the life of someone involved in it.  Within the period of 24 hours, we save lives and we lose lives.  We advocate and we educate.  We fight and sometimes, we choose to wallow in self pity and misery.  Every second of every day we are faced with “life and death” issues for animals who can’t speak for themselves.  And it’s a damn good thing they can’t talk because the world could not handle what they would have to say.

How many of you could look hear the stories of how someone wants to relinquish their animal because they had a baby or they got their period?  Okay, I have never had the period excuse but when I am constantly bombarded with requests and notes of incompetence, my mind shuts down and all I hear is “la la la la”.  Life changes for all of us, you aren’t special.  Suck it up, Buttercup.  My dog Bowser has been with me since I found him in a truck stop parking lot.  He’s been through more than 5 moves (with one being out-of-state), he’s survived a severe car accident, he’s been on Prozac (which is NOT cheap) and medication that they give the astronauts for sickness.  He’s had 2 major surgeries in the past 2 years and one time became so ill with pneumonia that he nearly died.  Do you think those vet bills were cheap?  Nope!  The bastard has chewed up at least 15 mini-blinds in the past 5 years, eaten our mattress (twice) and once, he even remodeled my entire bedroom.  You think your dog has issues?  Try having one that in one night with a babysitter, he eats your bed, your blanket, both sheets, 4 pillows, he rips clothes out of your closet and eats them, chews a hole in the carpet, scratches your bedroom door AND chews off ALL of the trim around your door.  My dog could have had a hell of a housewarming party the next day when all of that came back out.  And don’t even get me started on all of the other stuff he has done in the span of 11 years.

So , why keep a dog after all of that?  Well, when he wasn’t costing me thousands and thousands of dollars, he was catching my tears after I miscarried 3 babies.  When he wasn’t digging holes in the backyard he was protecting my oldest son from being hit by a bully.  When he wasn’t too occupied with tearing up everything in the house, he was taking the time to hand my infant child a toy that he had dropped off of his Exersaucer.  When he isn’t being a Pitbull and eating my children or other people, he’s the center of attention and making sure everyone in the house gets to pet him.  The reason why I keep him is that he is family and my very best friend.  While he’s caused a lot of crap in my life, he’s also stood right next to me and my children and helped us get through this thing called life.

So, back to animal rescue,  when you decide that you’ve had enough of your pet and you just can’t “deal” with them, do you have any clue what happens to them?  Well, thankfully these things called angels were created to clean up your messes.  These angels are here on Earth, covered in dog and cat hair, smelling like critter and fixing your problems.  They have no life, no money and are possibly certifiably crazy.  Their phone bills are huge and their vet bills are larger.  They spend the day trying to save those animals you toss aside so carelessly.  Every day they are given opportunities to help a life and are taxed with the pain of not being able to save them.  The physical and emotional pain that these angels endure, day in and day out, is not something that you could handle.  Who are these angels?  Well, they are every day people who do extraordinary things.  When you don’t care enough to care for your animal, these people are the one’s who step in.  They whisper words of love in your former pet’s ear.  The angels tell them all those things that you once told them and then the angels watch them die because you failed them.

Know that your life always has options.  If something in your life changes, know that it changes for your pet, too.  If you reach out for help with a problem, you can save your animal’s life.  There are pet food pantries, animal rescue groups and countless other resources out there.  Please don’t give up on them.


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  1. Michele chapman

    Amen! Well said 🙂

  2. Michele chapman

    Amen! Well said!
    From another crazy animal person 😉

  3. Yes, it is hard to stay mad at our destructive, adorable pups, isnt it?

  4. You summed it up perfectly, as always! There ARE options, and people need to be educated about them. My oldest dog is 13, and she’s been with me since I adopted her from a shelter in Michigan when she was 8 weeks old. She’s been with me through 12 moves (three in one year, two in another) and lived in three different states – Michigan, Kansas, and now Missouri. She’s been through economic ups and downs, including turning in pop cans to buy groceries and dog food. She and her adopted sister (she’s 12, I’ve had her over 6 years – she’s made three moves with me) both helped me through my divorce. When times are toughest, that’s when we all need our animals more than ever; that’s not the time to abandon them. When that happens, both the humans and the animals suffer.

    • Oh, and don’t get me started on vet bills! One vet wanted to write a case study on my dog for various mysterious illnesses and injuries she’s experienced. And is now diabetic, has Cushings, and is mostly blind from diabetic cataracts. God and Dog bless her! 🙂

      • I read this as I was petting Godfrey one of my five rescued animals. They are all so full of love and personality I only wish I could save more God please look out for the others.

  5. so very true i am going through the same thing with my one year old pittbull but you know what i wouldnt trade him for the world.

  6. I found your site through RMGDR’s Facebook post. I have two rescue pit mixes (one’s a pit/dane mix, hence my involvement with RMGDR), and I wouldn’t trade them and their crazy antics for anything. This was a beautiful post that left me in tears. God bless all those who work so hard to give a voice to innocent animals!

  7. WELL SAID! I have really well behaved girls right now but I have had the terrors. Like my dog Drifus who figured out how to open the fridge after I shopped and went to work to come home and find a puppy party going on and food everywhere!(I had 3 dogs at the time) But when I was sad or ill they were always there for me. The one that open the fridge would act all goofy just to get me to laugh. In memory of Drifus whom I lost in 2005 from prostrate cancer he was 10 yrs old and who I always have great memory’s and he still make me laugh and smile when I think of him.

  8. Thank you!

    Quick pointer: get a prescription for generic prozac called into Walmart. It’s on their $4 list. At least it was when I had 2 dogs on it. 🙂

  9. I was gonna say that about the Prozac too! Generic is fluoxetine, $4 at Walmart.. 🙂

  10. well said… thank you , I needed this today.

  11. I have three rescued pugs, volunteer and am on the Board of SPCA of Texas, receive dozens of emails and alerts every day about animals in shelters in need and on kill lists. And however much the latter break my heart, I remember that saying: “You can’t change the world by saving one animal but you can change the world for that one.”. So I do what I can every day. And if we all do that, we WILL change the world!

  12. Thank you. You just voiced my thoughts for all those people out there that release their dogs because “they don’t match the furniture anymore”.

  13. this brought me to tears..there was a post going around that said in rescuing. animals …i have lost my mind …but i found my soul…that said it best.i have days where i cry for those i couldnt save..and days when i want to simply break down and say im done.but something keeps me going. surely the faces of those saved..but also knowing that im not alone.god bless all my rescue friends.i love every single one of you.xoxo

  14. Very well said! I so agree.

  15. Thank you for your mission. I envy you and admire you. I am hoping to get into some rescue work and your insight is wonderful. Thank you.

  16. Beautifully written. Need more tissue.
    Your an ANGEL

    God Bless

  17. I have seen so many animals hurt from the people who are suppose to love them and then when they don’t want them no more they throw them away like trash. When I was young I seen this happen w/ a dog. So instead of letting them put the dog into a shelter I took her in and she became apart of my family . She had love food and shelter and I know in my heart that she was happy for the love a lil girt could give. And now being an adult it still with me to help any anmale that needs it. My heart, MY home is always open. I don’t think I will ever stop its just part of me. That make me who I am and many people feel this way.

  18. Thank you for this. I cried reading it. I’ve been doing rescue for a few months, and the sadness I felt the times when I couldn’t save them was unbearable. You said it all very well. Don’t give up on them, people. Get some help and keep your furkids.

  19. Thank you for this article. I am home from work this morning and my one year old Jack Russel Terrier/Lhaso Apso has been a little terrier this morning (and last night and I’m sure if I was home witht her all day she would be all day, too!) I can’t have rugs on my floors any more–she eats them. I can’t have family pictures out anywhere–she find them and chews the frames–the list goes on and on. I leave the house covered in doggy hair. I rescued her in August after I had to have my 12 1/2 year old put to sleep due to cancer. We think Dolly is around one–give or take. She has been a challenge to say the least. I thought she would be better off in a “family” instead of just me and I tried to relinquish her so she could have a better life but I can’t do it. I cry so hard I make myself sick. She is mine–and I am hers–no matter what. She can be a terror and has torn up so much but she has given me back more love and made me laugh more than whatever she could do bad. I love that little dog. She helped me though my grief for my little Bichon–like she knew what I was facing. Right now she is a handful but I see her potential and I can’t give up on her. She is my sweet little Dolly. Thank you “angels” out there that rescue these little loves so that they can enhance our lives. We are foroevoer grateful.

  20. What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for summing it up like this.

  21. bravo. thank you for your words. Hope you dont mind, but i shared your page on facebook.

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