Kansas City Northland Family Needs a Helping Hand

You know, I’m not exactly sure how I find myself in these situations repeatedly.  Maybe people are put in my path for a reason.  As usual, I hear about a family in need and I am all over it.

Today, I was contacted by a fellow animal rescue volunteer and she thought I may be able to help with a situation that was eerily similar to that of  “John” and Sweet Pea.  Of course, I was ready to help.  Another volunteer had been contacted to help find a home for 2 dogs who were in a desperate situation.  When that volunteer asked for more information, she found out heartbreaking news.

The call was from a man who could no longer take care of his dogs.  He was finding the situation difficult because the 2 dogs are living in a car with him, his wife and 2 children.  The family had been trying desperately to get help out of their problem but every where they turned, they were refused.  The wife has a job but she barely makes any money.  Sadly, the small amount of money that she makes was considered too much for conventional assistance.  After having nowhere to turn, the family has been living in their car.  They’ve had money for food and gas but not enough to afford a place for them.  They had asked for someone to at least save the dogs for them until they could get on their feet.

The dad has a job that starts on March 1st.  I am just trying to keep them out of their car for a few weeks.  If you would be willing to donate towards their hotel stay or towards food or gas, please contact me at darathrene@gmail.com or you can donate funds via the ChipIn at http://darath.chipin.com/northland-family .



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  1. I wish I could do more the share on fb. It’s shared!

  2. If you are attempting to make a donation via ChipIn and you are receiving a Security Warning, it appears ChipIn has not updated their certificates. If you wish to make a donation to help this family, you can send funds via PayPal to darathrene@yahoo.com and indicate that they are for “Northland Family”.

  3. Darath, any word on whether any area rescues can help with the dogs? I’ll pass it around to TARA but we are so full. Will definitely contribute though when I get home!

  4. What kind of dogs? Size?

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