What Lennox’s tragedy means to Kansas City and BSL

Check out the link to read my Examiner article on BSL in Kansas City!


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  1. There is another dog Duke going threw this now
    Hi all, Please take time to read this statement from Alison Smillie. Duke is my grand-dog, our court case is coming up soon, I would like to tell you all what has happened but feel because he belongs to my son and because I do not want to jeopardise any chance that we may have of getting him home I cannot divulge any info that may have an adverse reaction in court. As you will understand we are very very upset and worried (especially today with poor Lennox and his family), all I can really say is on 25th April at 6am we went and picked up Jon and Duke from their home and went for a long walk around a country park where Jon and Duke normally go, and then went to a meeting point arranged the day before with the police, to hand Duke over, naively believing that he would be examined and returned soon after, ever since our lives have been put on hold, going through the motions of everyday life but all the while constantly worrying about Duke’s welfare, (I really don’t know how Lennox’ family have managed to hold it together with such dignity and grace for so long), I know this has really turned my son’s world upside-down, he is completely lost with-out his boy. Every night before I go to bed I ask the angels, spirits and Gods of all religions to hold Duke, to comfort him and tell him that we love him and we are doing all we can to get him home.
    We have had lots of help, kindness and support from Nik at Cooper and Co, an amazing animal behaviorist Sarah Fisher, Chris from Custom ink and Sian from DDA watch as well of course from all of you.
    We would ask you to refrain from coming to the court or using any intimidating tactics, we believe (maybe naively) that the facts should be enough to get Duke home with Jon where he belongs.
    I hope this helps a little bit, and once again thank you to everyone for all your support. xx

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