Yup, People Suck

Well, after over 4 months… I have confirmation that people SUCK.  If you follow my blogs, you would have seen one in the past few weeks about a situation that I got myself involved in and just how much it has taken a toll on my life (and my finances).

Back in May, I was made aware of a family that was going from shelter to shelter and rescue to rescue, asking for assistance with their 2 dogs.  The problem was that the family had lost their home and in an attempt to get back on their feet, they were going to go through 90 days of “transitional housing”.  While in transitional housing, the family could not take their pets with them and because no one in the family was working, they couldn’t afford to care for them properly.  When I heard of the families’ plight and hopes for a temporary foster home, I jumped in with both feet and took over communications for them.  Time was not on my side and I was told that I only had a few days to find a foster or the dogs would have to go to the shelter.  After finding out that they were senior dogs, I was even more convinced that I could save these dogs.

When no foster home appeared, I talked to the family about boarding them at a kennel.  The idea was pretty well received even though it wasn’t their original plan or hope.  I told the family that I would try to get donations and that I would help cover some of the expense as long as they were paying, too.  As documentation of the ordeal and because of a feeling to not trust anyone, I kept the text messages that were exchanged.  On May 24th, the dogs were taken to a local kennel.  The family text me that evening “We just dropped the dogs off at the boarding” and next “we all cried an still crying”.

The next day, I got a message from the boarding facility in which they advised me that the family stated that I would be the person responsible for the bill and I would be paying everything.  At 6:24 pm that evening, while at a race track in LaMonte, Missouri, I text the family with “I just talked to (name deleted for privacy) and she said that you had told her that I was paying for everything.  I said that I would help.  I am concerned.” to which I received “No, I said that you and other people were helping pay for the boarding.  Was I incorrect when I said that?”.  Ugh, really?  After numerous texts back and forth, the family claimed that they were going to help pay, that they never said that I was responsible and that they missed their dogs and couldn’t wait to get them back.

On the 26th of May, the boarding facility told me just how much of a problem that one of the dogs was having with obvious arthritis, which I never knew about.  The response was “Nellie has arthritis in her back legs.  It might be getting worse.”  There was no real concern for the dogs comfort or well-being.

Many months have passed, way more than the 90 days originally promised.  Not once has the family paid anything.  Only on one occasion did I receive a donation towards their care (and that was just in the last few weeks due to my previous blog and the fact that someone felt sorry for me).  And who has paid and is still paying?  My dumb ass.  If you do the math, I am sure you can figure out how much it costs to board 2 dogs for 120+ days.  Don’t make me do it because I don’t even want to think about it.

When the original 90 days were up last August, the boarding facility contacted the owner and told them that the time was up and that the dogs needed to be picked up.  As of today, the dogs are still there.  Yesterday the owners contacted the boarding facility and let them know that they would be picking up the dogs and taking them to Wayside Waifs, a shelter here in KC.  Just exactly what I had tried to avoid.  So, how am I supposed to feel?  I paid (and still am) for 120 days (and counting) of boarding, just so I could postpone the probable euthanization by 120+ days?  What the hell was I thinking?

I am filled with so much despair, disappointment and heartbreak.  For months I have struggled with my own finances, stopped filling my prescriptions, limited my special events with my kids and eventually, I even stepped back from rescue, all so I could take care of 2 dogs for someone else.  All because of one gesture, one simple gesture and thought that I could make a positive impact in someone’s life and that I could indeed, save 2 dogs from the shelter.  The tears well up as I think of how I let these dogs down and even more importantly, how I let myself down.  I always try to believe the best about people but this time, the damage has been done and I don’t know if I can recover.

People just suck.

*If you are interested in adopting or fostering Nellie and Dakota, please contact me.  Both are senior dogs that are 12 years old.  Nellie suffers from arthritis.  Dakota is not recommended to be around other dogs, kids or cats.*

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  1. As a fellow rescuer who has put the dogs first . . . and paid for it financially, emotionally and through family problems . . . my only advice to you is to keep yourself first, family second and dogs third. You are no good to anyone if you are broken. And remember, you can’t save them all, you can only do your part. Please know that you did not fail the dogs. The owners did. They abandoned them and let you take the fall. Cowards. You tried – you continue to try – you have to take a deep breath and know that you did your best. Thank you for trying.

  2. With all the government handouts, it’s not surprising that people think that others should financially support their dogs. They don’t even support themselves or their children. I’m sorry this happened to you.

  3. Sad to say, ” no good deed goes unpunished”.

  4. Darath~I feel your pain.I’ve been dealing with a mother and daughter for about 4 years now,and have been saying for at least half of that time I need to cut them out of my life.It started when a golden lab showed up at my back gate 4 years ago.He’s been here ever since.It took us 3 weeks to find these ladies who owned him and once we did it took another 10 days for them to show up to claim him,even though they only lived less than a mile away. When they finally came to get him they said how nice our yard was,how happy their dog seemed,and how he wasn’t really theirs anyway.Turns out they had “saved”him from a neighbor who wasn’t feeding him regularly and left him outside at all times without shelter.One of my dogs had fallen in love with the lab(Matt)so we decided to keep him.A couple of months later the girls stop by to show us their “new”dog,Duke.A one hundred and fifty pounder that looks like a polar bear and a wolf must have been his parents.Duke has been a part time foster dog for us ever since.These people are so irresponsible with their animals and should not be pet parents.They have called me too many times to count and asked if I could buy them dog food,or if they could just leave him with me untill they could afford to buy some.They had been living with him and another dog,cats,rabbits,and other small caged animals in a one bedroom apt.for the last couple of years and I’ve always tried to help because we felt so bad for Duke.He’s laying at my feet as I type this.He’s been here for over a week and last night I got a text saying they didn’t have gas money to come pick him up,so I don’t know how long I’ll have him this time.We’ve had some issues in the last year with me being hurt because of Duke.He got in a fight when both he and my neighbors dog got out at the same time and because my neighbor refuses to nueter his dog,there was a fight.I jumped into the middle of it because Duke outweighs the other dog by over 100 pounds.I was bruised all over and still have scars on my hands.I don’t have medical insurance because I spend what money I have on my dogs.Then several months ago Duke was on my bed and wouldn’t get down when I asked him to so I tried to push him off the bed.He scratched my stomach,ripping out my belly ring,and I still have an 8 inch mark from that.When the girls dropped him off this last time,my husky Stardust was so happy to see him she was jumping around wildly and I bent over to grab her and pull her back from the gate when she jumped and headbutted me in the mouth.My mouth instantly filled with blood as on of my front teeth had sunk into my bottom lip and gashed it open.It’s been 10 days,Duke is still here,my lip is still swollen.Should have had stitches,but when you don’t have insurance,you don’t go to the doctor.I’m out soooo much money(Matt came up with something called FCE 2 years after we took him in and has never fully recovered costing us thousands) because of these people,not to mention the amount of pain I’ve gone through so if I was a sane person I would just wash my hands of them,but I’m not sane,I’m a dog lover and so are you.To rescue and help these dogs,even beyond our own resources,is in our blood.I’ll continue to help Duke,even though it’s not in my own best interest,and even though I don’t really like the people who own him,because his circumstances are not his fault.It’s not about them,it’s about me,it’s about you,it’s about our love of dogs.As long as there are people who suck,and don’t care properly for their pets,people like you and I will be needed to step up and help.You’ve been one of my heroes for awhile now,and you’ve been a hero to countless dogs.Paris is the next generation of heroes.Dogs need heroes.Dogs need you.

  5. Nellie and Dakota are so adorable 😦 This is such a sad story of an uncaring family who has done nothing to help. 😦 and the dogs suffer for it.

  6. You did the best you could though in trying to help. You did the right thing. I know its very hard right now to see these dogs now going to their death sentence ;( I wish I had more ideas to offer you. I love reading your blog…..

  7. Darath, you are an earth angel. You never think about yourself. You are someone I respect and admire greatly. Keep doing what you do.

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