Just a Dog

When dog lovers speak of their pooches, there are those who say, “It’s just a dog.”  Well, is it?

We spend a minimum of 18 years of our lives being educated in school by teachers.  Why is it that in a few years time, a dog can teach you the only lessons you really need to learn?  Compassion, love, understanding, forgiveness, faith, loyalty and joy are far more important than what the capital of South Dakota is.

You can spend your entire lifetime searching for your “one true love” or you can go down to your nearest shelter and find “the one”.  The love that a dog can give you is the purest love you will ever know.  A dog’s love has no conditions, no requirements and no “I told you so’s”.  It is complete and will last forever.  Even when their time on Earth is done, their love will still shine on you and your heart will have known love, simply because they were in your life.

Human best friends are great but I haven’t come across a person yet who would lick away my tears like my dog does.  Sure, a shoulder to cry on is great, but what if we didn’t have to cry at all?  With a dog, your tears are gone before you even know that they are there.

A dog allows you to act stupid if you want to.  No worries of being judged.  In fact, a dog is more than happy to act like an idiot with you.

Even when you think that no one is on your side and that you’re all alone in the world, all you have to do is look at your dog.  A dog can cure lonely better than a one-night stand.

You will never have a more peaceful sleep than that which is spent with your arms wrapped around a snoozing pooch.  They are the original “Pillow Pet”.

A dog will teach you to forget the downpours and to dance in the rain anyway.  With that, you will also learn that even when you smell like wet dog, you could never be loved less.

A dog sees no disabilities in their human companion.  They will never love you less because of the way you look or the way you talk.  All your dog cares about is the heart that beats inside you.

There is no better work-out than the one you get when your dog is dragging you through your neighborhood because he saw a squirrel.

It’s impossible to stay mad at a dog when they are licking you in the face.

You get to buy more things when you have a dog.  Why?  Because you have to replace all the furniture, shoes and underwear that they’ve eaten.  But hey, consider your dog a designer.  If he’s chewing it up, it was so last season anyway.

No matter how bad your singing is, a dog will always join in.  The plus side, you won’t be able to hear how bad you sound over the screeching yowls and howls of your dog.

Dogs teach us to try new cuisine.  If you’re hesitant to try a new food, just think of your dog dressed up in a suit, sitting at the door of a cat litter box proclaiming, “Oh, that cat shit looks scrumptious!”  Okay, maybe that won’t get you to try something new.  It was worth a shot.

A dog will teach you that it’s okay to follow the leader most of the time but that sometimes, it’s still fun to run free and drag the leash behind you.

When life turns to shit, your dog will show you how to throw some grass on it and move along.  Out with the old, in with the new.

Enjoy even the smallest things in life.  Only a dog can show you how to live your life with simplicity and joy.

Always growl before you bite.  Translation: give people a chance.  Now if they mess up after that, you can’t that say you didn’t warn them first.

Be happy, like a dog.

Take your time to smell the fresh air and if that’s not enough, roll down your window, thrust your head out and stick out your tongue.  You’ll forget about everything else.

Really?  Just a dog?


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