When the Time You’re Given Just Isn’t Long Enough

None of us are promised tomorrow and we do our best to enjoy the moment and live for “today”.  People and things come into our life but we never know just how long they will be in it so we try to cherish those special times.  Unfortunately, pets fall into the list of things that just aren’t around long enough.  As I’ve always said, our dogs are born perfect and they don’t have to stay here on earth as long as we do.  Their job is to teach us how to be better humans and once they’ve done that, they move along, carrying a piece of our hearts with them.

There are no words that can heal a heart that is broken, there is no super glue that can mend the heart which has missing pieces, pieces stolen by an angel with four paws.  Time will ease the pain but the loss is always there, just under the surface and always inside the heart.

For all of you who have lost a pet and for my family that grieves today, remember those moments when life couldn’t get any better.  Remember those sleepless nights with a crying puppy that was scared of the dark, remember the way your house smelled when your dog came inside after the rain, remember the stuffing from all the toys that were shredded, remember the slobber and dog hair that covered every nook and cranny of everything that you owned and most of all,

remember that they’re never really gone.  Sure, our dogs can’t remain by our side forever but no one says that they can’t stay in our heart for an eternity.

R.I.P. Maxwell.  I miss you already!  I know you’re already at the Rainbow Bridge and you’re a bouncing happy boy who feels no pain.  I want to thank you for being a part of my life and to let you know that you’ll always be my very favorite Clawson.  There was and will never be a dog more loved than you, I know this for sure.  When you left today, you took pieces from each of our hearts and I know that you’ll keep them safe until we meet again.


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  1. So sorry for your loss. They are so precious and never get to stay with us long enough. I lost my little boy March 15, 2013. He will be in my heart forever. May both our boys rest in peace until we see them again someday.

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