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KC Rescuer Not Giving Up on Special Needs Dog

A special needs dog from Kansas City needs your help!!

Mindy wants you to help her get to her forever home!

Mindy wants you to help her get to her forever home!

A few months ago, one of my close friends rescued a “special needs” dog from Prairie Paws Animal Shelter in Ottawa, KS.  While my friend Sam is never one to ignore any animal in need, this was one especially important.  “Mindy” was a lonely senior dog and Sam couldn’t bear to see her spend another second at the shelter.  Living at a shelter is difficult for any dog and in Mindy’s case, it was even scarier.  Mindy is both deaf and blind.

For the past few months, Mindy’s been in foster care while Sam tried to find the perfect home for her.  Thankfully, after a ton of work, Mindy has a new home to go to!  The only catch, the home is in Seattle, Washington.  Now, we have to get Mindy home!

Sam and Mindy’s new family have agreed to meet in Idaho.  So far, transportation arrangements haven’t worked out so Sam is planning on driving from Kansas City all the way to Idaho to deliver Mindy to her new family.  Okay, so you’re asking, “Where do I come in?”.  Here’s what we need:

Sam has to rent a car for the drive, pay for gas and cover her hotel stay and she needs your help to do it!  To offset some of the costs, she’s selling raffle tickets at $1 each for the “Move Miss Mindy” super-fast fundraiser.  For every $1 you spend, you get entered into a drawing to win $100 cash!!  If you’d like to help, you can buy a raffle ticket via Paypal by clicking here.  In the “to” section, you’ll be sending the money to

If you’d like to contact Sam directly about donating, just use the contact form below! (okay, so technically the contact form will email me but I’ll pass it along to Sam)

See Mindy’s bio on by clicking here!

Spy on Samantha Gooch’s Facebook here!




Dog Needs Ride from PA to FL After Owner Killed on Interstate

A dog needs a ride from Pennsylvania to Florida after his owner was killed on Wednesday while he was stopped to help a car accident victim.  The dog was with his owner at the time of his death and thankfully, a tow truck driver saved the dog from ending up at the pound.  Now, Rancid needs help to get back to his family in Florida.  Please share their story!!