Who Am I?

Summing myself up…

  • Mother of 3 of the cutest boys you will ever see
  • Current participant in a “mid-life” crisis
  • Avid animal lover, advocate and rescuer
  • Sucker for sappy or sad stories
  • Will do nearly anything for anyone
  • Someone not afraid to laugh at her own jokes and who often, finds them more funny than anyone else
  • “Say”er of anything at any given moment, typically when it’s most inappropriate
  • Owner of one psychotic cat named Oreo who I saved from a Golden Corral parking lot and that I raised from 2 weeks old
  • Former trainer and “show”er of horses
  • Has a best friend that’s a dog named Bowser
  • Business minded
  • Lover of writing, so much so that I wish I could quit my regular job and just make a living as a writer
  • Doer of just about anything, just to see you smile and be happy
  • Avid dirt racing fan, especially sprint cars (which we currently own and race)
  • Favorite vacation spot: Knoxville, Iowa in August for Knoxville Nationals
  • Will push herself until she over-achieves
  • Favorite season: fall
  • Huge appetite for all types of music, from classical to heavy metal
  • All about giving second, third, fourth and fifth chances
  • Likely the only person who has cut their thumb off by accidentally catching a samurai sword
  • One of a small number of girls who has ridden a bull in a rodeo
  • One of an even smaller number of girls who has ridden a bull while being a professional model
  • An original “teen mom”, minus the stupidity, drama and television show
  • Carb lover (because bread, pasta and potatoes make the world a better place)
  • Girl with a poor self-image and a ton of vanity
  • Emotional
  • The first person to bitch about something and the last person to do anything about it
  • A whiner
  • The person who judged people with tattoos but who now has 2 of her own
  • Hot pink fanatic
  • Former dare-devil who has now become a giant pussy
  • Person who drove 113 in a 55 and who pulled over to the side of highway PRIOR to the Highway Patrol even turning on his lights or pulling out
  • Will give her very last dime to a charity or to an animal or person in need
  • Unhealthy addiction to puppy breath
  • Lover of babies and kids
  • Middle-aged girl with more health problems than a person twice her age
  • Stubborn, tough and opinionated
  • Never takes someone else’s word for it, has to learn on her own
  • Judgmental
  • Fan of horror movies, the gorier the better
  • Someone who talks about poop too much

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